Sunday, August 20, 2006

Renewed Energy and Earthy Stars

After two weeks on ‘slow’ with dental discomfort, and 2 days recovering from tooth extraction, I am now burning with new-found energy. Today I worked for several hours on this project. It’s from a book by Evelyn Sloppy whose projects are all very tempting. The half square triangles salvaged from the quick corners will be used in one of the borders. I LOVE the ‘almost flying geese.’ Generally I use bright, highly contrasting colors, but I think I was successful in muting them, and then adding sparkles of color. I only purchased the background and the dark green star point fabrics. The little squares already in my stash sure didn't use up much fabric!

This is for a relative of my husband who likes earth colors. I have not mentioned I’ve started it, because well, you know, sometimes the quilt just doesn’t ‘do.’ However, I think this one is working very well. The colors inside the stars had to blend with the star points.

See the blocks at the right? They were supposed to go in the center of each star (and they were supposed to be random colors) , but turned out too colorful. This quilt is coming along nicely, and is inviting hand quilting. It may be hard to give it away if that is the route I take. I love to hand quilt in the winter, with a quilt draped over me while winter winds blow. We live in Western Nebraska - the winter winds ALWAYS blow!

Thanks so very much to those of you who have visited my page and left me comments or messages. I appreciate you all very much. There are various methods for me to respond to each of you but I haven't figured all that out either. So far, I cannot decode how to get Googled, or whatever the method might be to get noticed. Another day ...

Fresh corn-on-the-cob for supper. Yeahhhh!

Elaine Adair


alice said...

I like both the quilt & your name for it!

alice said...
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Quilty Nurse said...

This quilt looks great, not colours I would normally use, but I really like it. :-)

Leah Spencer said...

Aww... green, my favorite color. :) Great stash-busting looking quilt.

Kim West said...

great quilt!!

the best way to get noticed is to post on other's blogs. as far as to get "googled" i am still trying to figure that one as well.

Finn said...

Fresh corn? Yum!! It's chicken soup weather here in WI today..the temp has dropped steadily since midnight. It was 70 degrees then, and by now(7:30 p.m.)we are hanging at about 58. They say frost in northern MN and WI tonight.

I think you are doing great on your blog. More people will begin to stop over and see where you blog, as you leave comments for others. We're all pretty curious gals..*S*
As far as responding to comments or questions, we do the best we can with the time we have. You don't need to respond to all or any, unless you want to.
You can put a comment below their comment, but they may not check back. You can answer it in another new post, or if they have an email addy listed, you could email them.
It looks like you are off to a good start, as several have found you already...*VBS*

Patti said...

This is another winner! I love Evelyn Sloppy also. She is from my neck of the woods - in a town just 45 minutes north of me which also happens to be home to my most favorite of all quilt shops. Which book is this one in? Is it the 40 fabulous rotary cutter quilts - I think that's what it's called?