Friday, October 13, 2006

Wide Open Spaces

Saturday afternoon we took advantage of one of our last fall days and drove outside of town, about 15 miles, into the sandhills. In my profile, I've mentioned the beautiful spaces, and incredibly blue skies -- isn't this amazing? For a gal born in a major city, I consider myself extremely lucky to have been introduced to this part of our country. It is very dry this year, moreso than other years. In the second photo, you can see this County road snaking off into the distance. One of the views I enjoy are the wide vistas, and especially, the late afternoon shadows – there is very little to see other than space – a hawk maybe, an occasional rabbit, and once in a while a coyote, although they are very skittish during the day. There are usually herds of cattle dotting the hills. We drove almost 1 hour, and never came upon another vehicle.

This is not an unusual view - it is an ordinary view in this area. Does it help to keep my little troubles in perspective? You betcha!


Shelina said...

It is amazing isn't it, the things that are so close to you, but you never get around to seeing. I had relatives who lived in the town of Niagara Falls who didn't see the falls unless they had visitors who wanted to do the tourist thing.
That is such beautiful scenery. You're right, it would keep things in perspective.

Quilts And Pieces said...

WOW - I love that blue sky and wide open spaces! I could sooo live there!