Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hand Quilting, AND for a limited time only, a Special Offer for ONE Lucky Winner!!!

Before I talk about a Special Offer for ONE Lucky Winner, I thought I would show you my finished top, Rocky Road to Kansas, ready for hand quilting. (ha, ha, notice my clever method to draw you into my spiel ...)

My original plan for the border was to use more wedges, interspersed with light background, but no matter how I fiddled, the wedges for the border just didn’t ‘do.’ So I have a LOT left over. The block center fabrics of blue and pink, were purchased reproductions, because I wanted some consistency. As it turned out, there is one humility block – not on purpose. The two border fabrics are purchased reproductions. The blocks are 12 inches, and this quilt is about 60 x 72 inches. This closer-up shot is representative of all the fabric. Most is light, with a few darker blues thrown in.

The first two photos show up a little brighter than the original - I was fooling around with "Enhance" or "Scene Balance" or some option that caught my unfocused mind.

This is the book/pattern I used, and you will see the price tag of this huge, wood hoop I found yesterday at a church Rummage Sale, for 10 cents! What a bargain! I have another oval hoop, smaller, so I’ll have to see which works best.

I used pins and basting spray to sandwich this quilt. Yeppers, on the floor, butt up in the air, groaning and moaning the whole time, listening to my knees pop and crack, hair in the eyes, heart probably palpitating excessively, covering my carpet with newspapers to protect from overspray – there has to be a better way for an older, uhhhh, seasoned body. I pinned here and there, then pulled it to my sewing table, where I could at least finish the job standing up.

Now, the Special Offer for ONE Lucky Winner ...

This particular pattern takes 80 stringed wedges, and as I said, I made a LOT, planning to use them in the border. So, I have 80 left over, plus a few more, that I am willing to GIVE AWAY. They are sewn onto a foundation of telephone book pages, which is still ON, and are now trimmed correctly. This paper comes off very easily. My photos (below) are a little murky - the fabric is clean and bright, never used as far as I can tell. A previous posting explains my too complicated approach to sewing the block, which was MUCH easier if I had just followed the directions.

What YOU will need is :
1) access to the pattern, Egg Money Quilts by Eleanor Burns - the heavy cardstock templates are in there and it’s a great book! Plus you can check my trimming of the templates for your own piece of mind.
2) fabric for the centers
3) background fabric
4) you must promise to ‘eventually’ SEW it into a quilt, (no time limit expressed or implied) and hopefully, show it to all us bloggers!

I will mail them to the first person whose e-mail I receive, SPECIFICALLY ASKING FOR THE WEDGES. Of course, please give me your name, address in that e-mail.

But WAIT, if you act right now, I will include, absolutely FREE, MORE left-over vintage fabric - you won’t know what it looks like until it arrives. (Lemme tell you, there isn’t a lot...)

I never held a One-Year blogaversary, nor a 100th Post Anniversary, so this is MY version of a freebie! Good luck to someone!


Paula, the quilter said...

Oh Elaine, you are too funny! I have a hoop just like that one and I love it dearly. I hope you like yours too. I am going to mention the wedgies but only to say that, although I am very tempted, I just completed 3 (count 'em) three projects in the last week and I really don't need more UFOs. Love the look of the quilt tho.

Maryjo said...

I just sent an email hoping to win the wedgies...I already have the fingers are crossed...thanks!

SuBee said...

WOW! That's incredibly generous - after all that grief how can you give them away? They are beautiful, and I'm looking forward to seeing how you quilt them.

dot said...

Beautiful quilt. Even though the offer is tempting I probably would never follow through sooo I will leave it that special person who will. I look forward to seeing your completed quilt after the habd quilting. You certainly were productive with the wedges.

meggie said...

Your offer is generous & wonderful, but dont count me in. I dont have the book, & I have too many UFOs or as I prefer to think of them, WIPs. LOL

May Britt said...

Oh....I would love to have these wedges. They are so beautiful.

I do like you when basting quilts. Butt up in the air and face down.

MARCIE said...

How very generous of you! Too bad I am 'a day late and a dollar short', as my grandmother used to say. We will have to watch Darlene's blog and see how fast she gets it together! I know she can be speedy. Meanwhile--your is gorgeous!!!

Yvonne said...

What a sweetie you are and congrats to Darlene. I love your quilt!

aubirdwoman said...

oh what are you trying to do to me...I love that Rocky Road to Kansas. what a bummer I missed out on the wedges oh well next time :). As if I don't have enough to be going on with ...even bigger :)

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh my gosh - I have to go get that book now! I just love your rocky road quilt! AWESOME!

Lucy said...

What abeautiful quilt. I was too late for sign in but I will definatley make a quilt like this on a day !