Saturday, December 08, 2007

Taking a Break!

Thanks to so many of you who have tried to help with that dang border thing I'm struggling with! Yesterday I spend $32.00 on MORE FABRIC that I was SURE would definitely work -- it didn't. And I only made about 100 HSTs -- oh well, I can use them for another project. I'm giving it a break (as many of you suggested) and am posting something else for today. I have another good direction, from Patti that might work. Her suggestion is similar to something my DH suggested, as well you Bloggers. I think a new effort will be Number 5 or is it 6? How wonderful to hear from others with excellent suggestions. What would we all do without each other?

It never fails, just when I get to thinking "Hey, Elaine, you're getting pretty clever at this quilting design business... " I get smacked with a humbling experience that puts me back in my place. 8-(

We have lovely snow, about 2 inches, with more on the way. Our wood supply is getting LOW so we're not starting up the fireplace -- just in case of emergency, but I tell you, it would feel good today.

This is a scrappy quilt made about 10 years ago. I still like it, and especially liked the borders, with that inset of a small square, giving the appearance of notching inward.


  1. Putting it aside for awhile is probably the best thing. I've done that and suddenly the solution just pops up out of nowhere.

  2. Sometimes you do just need to walk away to get the answer you've been looking for! Good luck with try number 5 or 6 :0). Love the older quilt you're shoing today. Those inset notches really do work!

  3. Well sometimes that is all it takes is to walk away and go back later. I agree with you this is a lovely quilt. Enjoy your snow.

  4. Love your quilt with the little inset border! Well, Elaine, we both have border troubles! But at least you are not crazy enought to sew it down and add applique like I did!! HAHA! live and learn and enjoy the ride, right? Maybe the border answer will be solved in dream...

    Have a wonderful day, Julie

  5. Taking a break is definitely the best idea - as long as you promise yourself you will come back to it after the holidays. This time of year is stressful enough without adding undue quilting stress. Love the uqilt you posted today. I've never thought to do that to borders - looks great! I'm going to tuck this one away into my folder of inspirational ideas.

  6. Sometimes the mind seems to work out the solution while we are not thinking about it! LOL.
    I love the notch effect on the borders on your scrappy quilt too.

  7. I love looking at your quilts!! Did anyone suggest using a flying geese border?? When I get stuck I put the project I'm working on away for awhile and when I come back to it my mind is fresher and the ideas just shoot out from everywhere.
    Have a great day!! :)

  8. Yes, we are constantly being reminded we still some work/learning to do.

    My two cents: I like an appliqued floral order around straight line/geometric quilts.

  9. can't believe all this snow!
    I have a quilt like the one that is hassling you...I wimped out and finished it at the plain sashing stage so I am no help! Tracey

  10. I love the inset on this border!!! Really cute idea for this scrappy quilt. You did a great job.


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