Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Links and Organizing

I'm still crosshatching, and it's looking good, and my current "Mother Earth" (previous posts) should be done this weekend. I MQ'd in line with the diagonal squares. Now, after the fact, I wish I'd just measured from line to line, instead of using the diagonal squares to measure the crosshatching - there IS a difference, not greatly noticeable.

After adventurous efforts to update my page resulted in lost links, I am slowly restoring them. That was a painful lesson to copy those links somewhere! I must be the slowest person on earth, plugging away, getting them all back to 'normal.' So if your name is not there, and it previous WAS there, I'm working on it.

And these photos are of little interest to anyone except ME, who is thrilled she's gotten off her you-know-what and organized her fabric, so she can actually FIND something!
I cleaned fabric drawers! My "blues" are done, my "Neutrals", my "Yellows/Creams", my "reds", my "plaids", my greens.
I've pulled out the smaller bits and cut them into 2 1/2 inch strips. Those 2 drawers are filled up again, but my working table still has a pile of "Melons, oranges" with no place to go! Maybe I'd better make a HUGE "Melons, orange" quilt! LOL
I could not even plan anything because of the mess and disorder! My head was in a muddle, and concentrtion was nil, until I restored some order.

A great neice (age 3) wanted a fairy quilt. I hunted high and low, in town, at 2 other quiltshops - no luck, no fairies, except for Tinkerbelle - NOPE I want pretty fairies! E-Bay, E-Quilter, QIAD, no luck. Guess what I found in cleaning out my own stash. Yep, the perfect fairies. 8-))

BTW, I have a other places filled with fabric, this is some of the neatest piles.

Today, the thermometer is hugging the 100 degree mark. Whew!


Vicki W said...

Aren't stashes wonderful??

*karendianne. said...

These photos are of great interest to someone like me! I love seeing your stash. I noticed some dusty's in my stash and thought it was time to reorg and clean. Anyway, back to this. I love it. I enjoy seeing the way you have it set up and organized and yes indeedie, I think and HUGE "Melons and Orange" quilt is in order. Are you kidding? In your hands that's sure to become a whole lot of fruity flavor fun.

Paula, the quilter said...

Are you going to show the fairy fabric/quilt? Pretty please?

Becky said...

If you need more fairies, contact me. I don't know if I will ever use all the fairy fabric!

Meggie said...

Wow! you are having it hot!! I sympathise. Too hot is awful, so is too cold. Sometimes there is no happy medium.

Joyce said...

I love seeing pictures of your stash. The only better thing would be to see it in person! I need to do something about my scraps asap but don't really know how I want to organize them.
I can't wait for winter. For me, cold is much better than this excessive heat.

Elsie Montgomery said...

You are so ambitious. I'd like to be bitten by the same bug before that stash takes over the house!

Jocelyn said...

Well guess what happened to me today my dear? I was coming out of Kohl's and somehow mis stepped and turned my foot, and down I went! Boy was that ever something. I have sprained my foot or something because it is swelling and black. I have a few scrapes and am sore, so it is probably going to be a rough night. I just couldn't believe I did that. I remember when you had your fall. I just hope my foot is not fractured :-(

P. said...

I recognize that mid-century Ethan Allen solid maple chest of drawers. I have the same one! And I never thought to put fabric in it, but your stash sure looks nice in there.

ozjane said...

Had to go chasing back to SUNDAY, MARCH 02, 2008
to find easy peasy scrappy spools
I started doing them with a jelly roll and then found the squares and lost the jelly roll ...now found the jelly roll and only temporarily......LOL lost the squares.
So did a cut and paste of your lovely instructions and I shall put it on my machine for those odd fill in moments.
Thank you. It was a great tutorial.

Rhonda said...

I like your stash drawers! It's a great way to store your fabrics... who need clothes anyway. lol

sewprimitive karen said...

Hi, hope you get some relief from the heat. Isn't it great to get the stash organized! Really like the doesn't-fit melons/oranges.