Friday, October 16, 2009

Quilting Methods

I must admist, I cannot remember how most of you do your quilting. Do you send it out, hand quilt (not too many of you) or do you quilt it yourself? Do you use your domestic sewing machine or do you have a long-arm?

Would it be helpful to indicate your method of quilting in your sidebar? I just put that information in my links (not the best place but...) my knowledge of the template layout is not so great, so that's where it is now. I'll be there are a number of YOU who can come up with a better idea.

What do you think? Would that be a useful tool?


  1. The links only show on the home page. My blog reader sends me to the specific post of the day and that doesn't show the links. Not sure where you could put it though so it would be visible on all pages. Just above the site counter maybe?

    Yes, it is me Elaine. Can't say the one and only Nancy because I know there are others, but the one right here in your home town.

  2. I never hand quilt and doubt that I ever will. I just recently admitted that I don't HATE sewing on a binding! I have had one quilt done by a Longarm quilter and the others I have done on my machine. I actually LIKE doing that part of the process, I need practice but I think it is great fun.

  3. I do my own quilting, but hand and machine.

  4. I have always quilted my own quilts. Guess that's why I have so many UFO's :-) I know it probably isn't a big deal, but I feel like I want to quilt the quilts that I made. I have only hand quilted one. I loved doing it, but it took a long time and it is hot to hand quilt in Florida.

  5. I have done all 3 types of quilting: sent some tops out, hand quilting and machine quilting. I love to hand quilt but it has to be the right quilt to do it. Lately I've been doing a lot of my own machine quilting on my DSM. I just put my quilting style in a label on the post.

  6. Hear! Hear!~ I've been thinking the sam thing! I get confused too about who does what or what they specialize in or are trying new etc. I suppose the information could go in the ABOUT ME blurb too... Wouldn't it be neat if you started a united quilters/bloggers uniform sidebar or something?

  7. I use my mid arm and have never sent one out. Maybe somebody could make a set of labels for the sidebar and we could install the one(s) that apply to us? I don't have the skills to make one though.

  8. I like Joyce's idea of labels or buttons, or some kind of graphic that shows the methods. It could be easily inserted. I'd do it, but I don't have time these days to do the must-do's on my list. Sigh!

  9. I love to hand quilt. I am very, very slow.
    I have sent gift quilts out to a talented machine quilter because I wanted them to be finished on the important day.
    I have machine quilted straight lines on my quilts and then hand quilted other curved parts.

  10. I hand quilt what I can, and send some to be machine quilted. I occasionally quilt on my domestic machine, but then I have to throw away the quilt...not really! but that is not what I am best at. My dream is to have enough time to hand quilt more, and to have a longarm to machine quilt too.

  11. I started doing my own quilting on my machine.....then sent them out to a quilter...then added up the cost of sending them out to be quilted and bought a Grace Frame and a Janome to go with it. I told my husband I was saving him a small fortune by doing it myself. :) He should believe it any day now! hahaha

  12. far I have only hand quilted...I LOVE HAND QUILTING...I love the dip and dot affect. As you may know, I have been practicing to do some free motion
    quilting on my machine...LOL...I
    haven't exactly talked myself into
    liking the look ofmachine quilting yet!!!
    I think sending it out is uber
    exspensive...I just feel I have more 'time' than I do 'money'!!


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