Sunday, February 06, 2011

Baby Shower, and How Big was THAT Chicken?

Yesterday, two friends and I attended a baby shower for a friend's daughter, a country girl, and first-time, beautiful Mama to be.

One of the baby gifts was this tiny pair of leather chaps and spurs! 8-))
Ms. Mama-to-be also raises free-range chickens (watching carefully for coyotes) and she brought a bunch of farm-fresh eggs, that most of us quickly snatched up. Returning home, I HAD noticed the egg crate didn't even close. I placed one white store-bought, "large" egg next to the farm-fresh eggs. How big WAS that chicken that laid the egg on the right??? It's even wrinkled! Ouch!


Chell said...

If I don't say so myself--she is absolutely beautiful, inside and out! She said it was the funniest time she has every had!!

Cheri said...

And the difference of the color of the yolk in the skillet is amazing too. Love farm fresh eggs.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh my gosh taht egg is BIG. Those chaps are just too cute!

Saska said...

That HAD to hurt!

The chaps are cute.