Sunday, May 20, 2012

Solar Eclipse

Were you looking, were you looking????

Sunday, at 6:30 pm, I started getting antsy to drive out in the country to watch the eclipse - there are too many trees in town that block our view.  After some uhhh, strong encouragement on my part, DH  agreed we'd take a short drive to see what we could see.  Now, you might remember, I live in a small town waaaaay out in the country - a person doesn't have to go more than 2 miles to be OUT of town and IN the country for a clear view of our gigantic sky. 

I had my viewing "box" correctly lined inside with white papter on one end, and had jabbed a hole in the other end.

Well, out we went driving, and driving, and driving, passing up all the myriads of suitable spots to pull off the road - I was ready to strangle that man if he didn't stop soon!!!   "Are you trying to get closer to the sun for a better view?@/3(!!!XXgh?"   I could "feel" by the sun's rays that they were cooler than a few minutes  previously!!!  Jeeesh, stop already, DH!!!  We can't do this again until 2023 for goodness sake!  STOP!

OK, finally, DH stopped, and with my ameteur astronomy shoebox, we could immediately see the circle of the moon in front of the sun.  We looked EAST into the box, with the sun behind us to the WEST.  DH decided to try a larger hole -- NOT!  That's why this photo has TWO sun images -- a small hole is required.

Farther southwest of us, Utah, Nevada, I think they saw a perfect moon in the exact center of the sun - like a Lifesaver! 


Kathleen said...

We saw it here in California!,,,,,,!!!

Janet O. said...

We live at the North end of Utah, so we got a sliver of sun that looked like a crescent moon. I took the grandkids out in the yard (we live in the country) with our pinpricked paper. We tried a larger hole, too, but the small pinprick worked best.
On the news tonight they showed photos from a little south of us where they got the perfect ring of sun around a black center. Very cool!
Glad you got DH to go on the adventure with you. : )

Bonnie said...

How cool to actually see this! I don't think it was visible on the east coast. Heck, I was sewing anyway!