Friday, May 10, 2013

Is it Spring finally?

Despite my long absence from blogging, I HAVE been quilting!  Here is the completed top of Jamestown Landing.  Even by substituting HSTs for the string units, there are over 2000 pieces, and is queen size.  I have the batting and backing and "one of these days" will get it sandwiched and then quilted.  

I have lost all my favorite blog addresses - another job to find them again, and then get them in a Reader.  I am  perturbed with Google Reader that my blog list went totally away without the chance to get it copied or ??????  

 These tulips are "passable" ... this is the first year when blizzards, heavy snow, heat, then blizzards, have definitely damaged my spring tulips.  But these poor quality tulips are better than nothing!

Poppies are coming up and spreading everywhere!

And we have our friend, the screech owl, who spends some days with us, some days elsewhere.  We are watching for his mate and youngsters.  While we love to see him, we miss the songbirds which are, unfortunately, nowhere to be seen.  We may as well take down the feeders.  Even goldfinches only stayed a few days and then disappeared.

We haven't cut grass yet, and my front garden has suffered the same fate as the tulips - just a crummy garden this year.  Only a few daffodils appeared, and only a few red tulips - there should be 3 dozen - I think 6 came through.  Maddening!  We are trying grasses this year and day lillies.  The mugho pines look pitiful, with a lot of ugly yellowing around their bases -- they do not look promising either.  

I am reading my post and holy smoke, I sound cranky!  Snow and blizzards did a lot of damage and we all look forward to lovely spring.  This is a harsh climate here in western Nebraska and during the last blizzard, one poor local resident became lost and disoriented and froze to death.  Rescue efforts on snowmobiles saved her adult son who tried to come to her aid - there are times when one needs to stay safe at home.  We are glad to see spring.


Lurline said...

Jamestown Lading looks wonderful - a lot of piecing! Spring is the nicest time of year.
Hugs - Lurline.

Lindah said...

Oh Hi! I just went to your blog this afternoon to see if for some reason my reader was not picking up your posts. :-) Good to hear from your corner of the world again. Cranky, indeed --I would feel cranky, too, if my bulbs were not performing. hunh! Maybe the bulbs feel cranky, too, after all that strange weather this year. Ah well, summer is about here. 96 deg here in N. CA. today. At that rate, I'll soon be feeling cranky because of the heat. bleah!
Glad you got in some quilting time. Wow, that J'town Ldg is great!
Good weekend to ya!

Helen in the UK said...

Congrats on getting the quilt top finished - that's a LOT of pieces! Spring seems to have finally arrived here in the UK too :)

Ruth said...

Love the quilt! I had problems with Google Reader also and wasn't able to transfer all my blog favorites over to Bloglovin, but some of the Google reader blogs have shown up on my Blogger Dashboard, under my blogs there is a heading called Reading List and on the left side a lot of the blogs I was following, but not all, have shown up, kind of like the google reader and the recent entries are on the right side. Try clicking on Reading List (it's in orange) and see if they appear.

Jen said...

Beautiful quilt! Spring has been so slow to arrive in the Eastern part of the state too. I think you've had a lot more snow though! I love your owl pics although, I didn't realize they scared away other birds!

Janet O. said...

Your quilt is gorgeous. I will have to keep that idea in mind to sub for strings, which I don't love doing.
So sad about the person who froze in the storm. That is a tough climate!

Tanya said...

I am sort of annoyed with Google Reader too... and am trying to keep up with Bloglovin these days. I THINK I've saved blog addresses here and there but you never really know until you've lost one... Hope you get it all straightened out!

Lynn said...

Another beautiful quilt Elaine. Our spring is late this year too. The apple tree just started blooming and I have not even found it warm enough to wear my crop pants and schools will be out for the summer this week.

antique quilter said...

I love your finished quilt glad you were able to keep sewing. It was a tough winter sorry that your plants and flowers didn't make it this year, I always look forward to those signs of spring, it was different here in NJ too.