Monday, September 09, 2013

Table Runners, and "Stringin' My Blues,"

I'm either really early or really late with a Christmas runner!  Fingers were itching and I HAD to sew something!  This is a Missouri Star.  I quilted around the star with invisible thread and made small paisleys with a soft variegated green in the green areas.  Colors are richer in person. 

Success breeds success and I made another one with a regular star, for Fourth of July (below).  The original plan was to quilt the side setting triangles in glitzy fireworks, but my LQS did not have the "right" thread - (that's a first!) - and I'm thinking it's fine the way it is -- I can add "glitz" later.  

Here's the back - cute, and On Sale.

I'm trying to come up with a good border idea for my Rocky Road to Kansas, now called "Stringin' My Blues" - oh yes, using up strings.   This was supposed to mirror the centers of the star blocks. Uhh, I'm not feelin' it!  Try again, Elaine Adair! It's always good to try with a FEW blocks before cutting fabric when one is unsure. 

And now, to my Design Floor -- shade over your eyes - this appears more "in your face" than my planned finish, and when I trim to better proportions, this border idea will "do it".  I'm sewing strings to phone book paper.  This is a 4 1/2 border, but I'll trim to 3 1/2 inches.  I'll widen the white border #1, to the proportion of that side setting white triangle, and will narrow down the string border, and will likely add yet another white border, same proportion, ending up with a 9 inch border.  The quilt blocks are 12 inches.  I'm happy!  For me, it was important to carry on the suggestion of frugality, strings, using up, and making do.  My border strings were approximately the same width as what is used in the stars.  And yes, I AM using blue strings from various projects as well as adding a few new ones to the mix.  There actually are NO more blue strings in my String Bin!

Hooray, energy and enthusiasm is restored in MY Studio.


Janet O. said...

Love the runners, Elaine.
I admire the tenacity of those who do string quilts. Mine has been a UFO for many years now.
Nice touch to have the spark of red amidst the blues.

julieQ said...

Oh I love those blues!! Gorgeous!!

Kathleen said...

Love those strings!

~Joan said...

The recipient of your last picture won't be singin' the blues, that's for sure. Nice job.

Helen in the UK said...

Your string quilt is coming along beautifully! Great table runners too :)

Bonnie said...

Great stringing along! What is the smallest width string you are willing to use? And do you need more blue? I'm sure I could find some to send you!

Purple Pam said...

Your table runners are great. I really like the red/white/blue one. Your string quilt is wonderful. I like your border treatment. It adds to the "string" value of the quilt.

Wonky Girl said...

I like your runners, my cats would hair them up so I don't have any pretty runners.
Your string top looks great, love the blues and block you chose.

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Thank you for all the ideas, and I'd say you are just a little early on the Christmas runner.

Since table runners were picked out as the perfect small project for me to start back into quilting, thank you again for showcasing your lovely creations in that line.