Sunday, March 09, 2014

Donation quilt, spring, and ENUF!

This has been our local project for a few months - to be donated to a church who is trying to install Air Conditioning in their gym.  This gym is where our Guild holds it's annual Quilt Show and we ROAST in that gym in July.  We are hoping this quilt could be raffled by the church to add to the church's air conditioning fund!  The pattern is "Eli's Wheel" found at Moda Bake Shop, and we named the quilt "Sandhills Sunrise" (or Sunset?)"  Can't remember - you know, Senior Citizen and all.  We hand sewed the binding down at a friend's house yesterday.  Anita ( did the beautiful long-arm quilting.

  I was checking the front garden, and under the mulch lump I found this!  Yeahhhh!

Below is the beginning of Snow on the Mountain, that returns every year.  It only grows on the North side of the house, fills in solid so weeds don't grow, pulls up easily in the fall, and faithfully returns in the spring.  

And here is just a beginning of green (trust me!),  lilies from a friend in Illinois.  This is along our back fence, adjoining the alley, so it has to be tough!!  Hope it makes it - ground is very poor, although I gave it some extra good soil and fertilizer.

I had a burst of energy today - and broke up the "ice jam" that always accumulates.  It's usually a small skating pond, treacherous when not expecting ice under snow.  Hard work, DONE!

Then I cleaned the garage -- where did my energy come from????  Pulled out the cars, opened doors so the puddles dried, swept up clods of mud, leaves, debris from snow accumulation, threw a few items in the trash, and set up my tables to baste this latest quilt, "ENUF".  Temps were close to 70 today, sunny, birds singing.  8-)))


Quilter Kathy said...

I think you put your "spring fever" energy to good use!

Ruth said...

Once in a while the "urge to clean" hits me - but not often enough! You have been hit by that urge, it seems! The quilt is lovely!

Vic in NH said...

Although the donation quilt is pretty, I like your split nine patches much better!
Now didn't you do a nice job of making yourself a swept-up clean place to work! We are at 32 and expecting 6 to 12 inches of fresh snow, LOL! I guess that, for once, I won't be too warm.