Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Gifts, People, and Raffle Quilt WON, and going to new owner!

I've been VERY busy with quilting, quilt show, making things, enjoying cool weather, etc.

First, Pokey of, (California) and I have been dropping blog comments back and forth, and one day she found out I lived in her family home town!
So, I heard a rumor that she was visiting my town, and we had a lovely visit.  Quilters always have something to talk about!  Pokey on left, me on right.

Next is the sweet little scissors holder, to keep the point from poking someone, made by my dear friend Jody - Jody is a gal who can do anything!.  Thank you Jody. 8-))

Next, and the BIG THING .... MY NAME WAS PULLED FOR THIS GORGEOUS GUILD RAFFLE QUILT, 2014!  This stunner was made by members of the guild, and quilted by our own, national award winner and professional long arm quilter, award winner, Judy Woodworth. It is an amazing quilt, with crystals accentuating areas, flames, rays, in addition all the lovely hand work. Judy's quilting is astonishingly beautiful.

However, there is one  ... change in the "normal" procedure, that I get the quilt.  Last Christmas, I took my 10 raffle tickets that members receive as part of our annual dues, I put my name on them, turned them back in to the appropriate chairperson, and then sent the stubs to a friend in Illinois, as part of her Christmas present.  If my name was drawn, then SHE was the winner - and, it came TRUE!!!  My friend Fern, who visited us recently, gets the quilt!!!!  Who wudda guessed????  I am so happy I KNOW the new owner! She had a note on her calendar for the drawing date and since no one had called her, figured "oh well, didn't win anything."  So I called later when I got home and gave her the news.  What fun!

I took it home briefly, so I could take photos and today am boxing it up to mail, hopefully in the next day or two.  This is a queen size 84 x 106 - very large -- too large to get it up on the fence for photos, but you can see the beauty of the appliques and motifs.  The candle is a favorite with crystals looking like flames.

BIG congratulations Fern!!!  


Janet O. said...

Always fun to meet a blogger!
What a wonderful thing you did for Fern. It is a very festive quilt!

Ruth said...

The quilt is just gorgeous! Lucky Fern!! I have met several blogging buddies and it is so much fun! In fact, I'm going to lunch with one on Monday. I met her for the first time last year and now I have moved to this area, so we're getting together again!

Elsie Montgomery said...

That is a stunning quilt. I'd have trouble giving it up! Good for you. I met a blogging buddy too (Wanda at Exuberant Color) and now hear her talking when I read her posts! How cool that you and Pokey could get together!

julieQ said...

What a fun meeting!! I am glad you met a fellow blogger...and wow, that win is amazing!!

Paula, the quilter said...

It is always fun to meet a fellow quilt blogger. And you are just so generous to give away that beautiful quilt!

aubirdwoman said...

told yer,, this 6 degrees of separation gets less all the time.
What a wonderful friend, love the quilt. hugs from downunder

Bonnie said...

Woopee! Great that you won that gorgeous quilt. But, bummer that you aren't getting to keep it. Although I bet it feels wonderful to spread the joy. I find meeting quilters is always a wonderful thing.

Lynn said...

Oh, how much fun is that! My mother in law won a raffle quilt once made by our guild memebers and now I am the proud owner of it since their passing. Judy does magnificent quilting too.