Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Birds, Goodbye Loved Avenger, Split 9-Patch

We have been enjoying lots of finches, (blue) buntings that I thought were Eastern Bluebirds, Indigo  Buntings and that brown/black one on the barn feeder is a Rose Breasted Grosbeak.  

No owl these days - we think the little ones might be hatched, and parents are sitting on them, based on dates of several years ago.   Several years ago, I had photos of the new owlets perched on my deck on June 24.

My much loved car (Avenger) is getting traded in.  It is almost 20 years old, I am tearful and sad  with my decision, but it is low and I have to FALL into it, and CLIMB out - very hard on knees, and both actions require a lot of UUMPHF and groans.   8-))  It's been a wonderful, reliable car.  There is little room in back seat for my quilting girlfriends, but someone else is going to have a nice little red car with lots of zoom! 

Split 9-Patch -- this is all the rows put together - looks a little washed out!   It's about 52 by 60 in.  I will add some borders and bring it up to about 60 x 70 in..  

 Perhaps this brick/like print for a narrow border, then this light pinky-orange for 3 or 4-inch border.  The blocks (each HST) finish at 3.75 inches.   There are 3256 pieces in the center.  Wowsa!   I've LOVED making this one, and finding many bits of suitable fabric.  Again, this is called a Strip and Slash design by Jackie Robinson and the 3 or 4th I've made, and the setting is a Split 9-Patch.   


  1. You are the third person to mention seeing a rose-breasted grosbeak in a week! I haven't seen one, but we did have indigo buntings and a scarlet tanager.
    Good luck on finding a new car and getting acquainted with it!
    Your split 9-patch is coming along nicely.

  2. I was this close (visual is finger and thumb a nanometer apart) from using that same setting for my HST crumb blocks. Brilliant minds and all that. Your top looks great. I like both of the borders. Very nice.

  3. I had the same issues with my 20 yr. old Buick and traded it in for a Chevy Equinox. That was three years ago and I haven't regretted it at all. So nice to be able to get in & out without a struggle.

    I really like your Split 9-patch....another one for the "someday" list.


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