Saturday, June 27, 2015

Long time, no see

 Funny little Log Cabins - just playing.
 Hah, a project all ready to baste.  Even managed to set the garage swept out beforehand!
 Ready to machine quilt.
However, my usually trusty Janome MC6500 is still acting up.  I did all the checks, thread, new needles, tensions, cleaned, dusted, and even solved this snarl along the way (how did it DO that...look closely - giganto snarl all over the top!)  OK, I can fix that part, but it's going back to the shop Monday.  I'm disheartened to have my machine uncooperative and been unable to do any machine quilting since it came home from the shop months ago, only straight sewing, so, something is still not right.  Exasperating - can only take a few inches of stitches, the thread skips, breaks, etc.  Groannnnn,

However, I DO have the required 72 blocks made for Bonnie Hunter's "Texas Tumbleweeds" but when I get back to it, I'm going to name it "Tornadoes and Tumbleweeds".  We've had many, many storms, tornado watches and warnings, and rain which is almost always accompanied by hail.   We have tumbleweeds here as well. 


  1. oh elaine - I pin baste my quilts in the garage, and then fold them up with the back showing just like you do... looks so familiar. And then I lay them all in a stack, cause I never keep up with the quilting !! But they look so beautiful all folded like that - eventually I do get them done ! Lovely quilt !

  2. I have a Janome 6600 and there are times that I have so much trouble with the quilting. After taking it to the repair shop twice, I have tried to live with it. It usually happens when I am FMQ and the stitching is going to the left. If I go slow, it's not as bad, but it drives me nuts! Someone (don't remember who) once told me after I had the machine for quite a while, that the Janome is known for that particular problem. It seems like the thread skips and the top thread gets shredded - it's hard to describe. I think I blogged about it once - I'll try to find it and will email you the link. I am curious if your problem is the same one that I have. Sometimes, I won't have as much trouble as others. I've done all the things that I can - just like you - and it doesn't seem to make much difference.

  3. I had the same trouble last winter on my Janome 4900. Just couldn't meander because the thread kept breaking no matter what I did. That's the machine I leave in AZ, so I'm not looking forward to getting back to that in the fall. At home here I have a Janome 7700 Horizon, and it's doing fine. I did a large single bed quilt on it recently with no problems.
    If you find a solution, please publish it on your blog!

  4. Hi, checking in and what do I see LOG CABIN almost rebuilt. lol d you remember. Just going too read and see what you have been up to.
    btw will email how I baste my quilts. Skipped stitches - get them to check the timing on the bottom thread, had a similar problem on the very first new machine I bought sometimes it did and sometimes it didn't. I took it back to the shop at least a dozen times before they believed me.
    hugs from downunder s

  5. Hi, good to see your post. Beautiful work. You have been busy! Sorry about the Janome problems. I've never used a J, but I would suspect, as aubirdwoman suggests, that there is a timing problem. Persistent skipped stitches would send me to look at the timing on my longarm. DS machines can't be all that different.

    Happy summer sewing to you!

  6. Ugh nothing like machine problems to dampen enthusiasm. I find sometimes I can get a bad vetch of needles (really, 10 needles bad? Yep!). The other thing that might help is putting a few drops of Sewers Aid

  7. Darn computer. Sewers Aid on the top thread. It leaves nothing on your quilt but does seem to tame some issues. Good luck.

  8. Bleh! Yep - sure do hate machine troubles. Mine needs to go into the shop. Should do that today, actually, while I have a good bunch of hand work to keep busy with while it's gone. . . CUTE log cabin block, by the way!

  9. Love your cute little log cabins! Sorry to hear about the machine issues - that is so frustrating! I have no words of wisdom for you, just best wishes that the issue is resolved quickly.


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