Saturday, December 12, 2015

Another Split 9-Patch,

Oh dear I have fallen behind in my posts!

Here are 3 rows for yet another Strip and Slash (Jackie Robinson), Split 9-Patch.  it will be 16 blocks across by 20 down, but the blocks are small, finishing at about 3.75. in.  My previous similar project was in yellows and browns.   I aimed for oranges and purples in this one.   See that purpley blue?  Another shirt from a friend's son.  8-)))

The macrame Christmas tree has been with be for a very long time - I treasure it for the good memories  when it was made. 


Vic in NH said...

So glad to hear from you with such a productive burst! three rows already is fine progress and very pretty, too. Your macrame tree is definitely a well-done period piece from the 70's, did you make it?

Feathers in my Nest said...

Pretty 9 patch...and I like your Christmas tree..very nice memory.