Sunday, October 09, 2016

"Pineapple Parade"

LOL - I just love that name, especially for this Pineapple quilt, which is a little bold, ostentatious, bright in some places and marching all in the right directions, many colors, all marching at the same rhythm!  PERFECT name.  (I had to check the dictionary for the right "P" word to go with "Pineapple".)  This is the second Pineapple I've done in last few months - I LOVE this technique, not difficult at all with a decent ruler.  Mine is from Gyleen X. Fitzgerald, who I "found" when I purchased a DVD from Annie's Craft Catalog.  Lucky me!

Above, that far right are Sally Terry  style feathers.  In this case, they are too cramped, but usually I like them.  There are 3 borders, each one slightly wider to accommodate a corner treatment (not shown) 

Hearts are always good, aka "xxx ladies on a barstool"!  Third border, finally decided on today, is a Baptist Fan.  I am struggling to learn to incorporate 3 borders that seem to blend together, yet stand out, not too big, not too little and still be in keeping with style of quilt and one that I know how to do!  Not so easy!

Above is just to show the bold backing.

I quilted the quilt top with a King Tut quality thread, with a fine Mettler Silk Finish on the back - this usually works together for me, but in the borders, the same King Tut was not the best and I finally took out several first tries, then changed to Essential Pro which sews like butta!  This combo works very well together for me, and the Essential Pro is fine and blends in so well.  One sees the texture not the thread.  I need to remember this!

I am nearly finished - wanted to show it.  


RenaissanceSandi said...

Love your pineapple! If you have a chance, stop over on my blog and look at mine. It is teal and purples, and one of my favorite quilts. I used the Creative Grids ruler to make mine. It was a bit tedious. I much prefer the easier, Bonnie Hunter Pineapple Blossom!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Really like the swirl on the innermost border -- need to learn that one myself. Your B Fans are wonderful!!

Janet O. said...

Who makes the Essential Pro thread? Haven't heard of that one.
Love your pineapples. One day I want to make a pineapple quilt that isn't a mini. : )

Gypsy Quilter said...

I always admire your adventurous spirit for trying new ideas. Thanks for sharing.