Sunday, December 18, 2016

More "Farm Girl Vintage" Blocks

I decided to make "blocks that take some time" - not just speed quilting, because my closets are full of quilts already ! 

These are all 6 inch blocks.  Some are "fiddly", but I still like them. Definitely NOT speed anything!  This is the first time I actually sat and followed all instructions.  Colors are my own choice.   Instructions are also included for 12 inch blocks, as well as various varieties of other quilts, ideas, layouts, designs in this beautiful farm-based quilting book by Lori Holt . Even if you didn't sew or quilt, her book is a visual delight!

28 blocks made - 48 needed.


Anne Ida said...

Your blocks are coming along nicely! Loving the soft look of them :-) Keep it up!

Vic in NH said...

Nice looking blocks and so well-made! Merry Christmas!

Janet O. said...

Nice job on the little blocks. This is a very popular quilt. I know a local shop has had the designer come do a few workshops on it. I like every version I see, but just can't start another big quilt until some of the ones in the closet are actually finished! I will enjoy following your progress. : )

A Candle to Read By said...

Beautiful! Our daughter is a quilter, and she loves this book. She has it on her Christmas list. Merry Christmas!