Sunday, April 09, 2017

Kaleidoscopes, and Vintage Quilt Tops.

These are two vintage quilts given to me.  I foolishly thought I'd get them both hand quilted but ... a friend, who is wonderful at finding vintage quilts and getting them quilted, agreed to take this one above, and get it DONE.  Both are combos of hand and machine sewing.  One down, one to go.
Blue Kaleidoscope - the circles do not appear as clearly as I had hoped.  There will be yet another  6 in. border on each side.  Since I am quilting this on a DSM I decided to reduce some of the overall bulk and will quilt the last borders separately, and add them later, ala quilt-as-you-go.

Below - Apparently I'm on a Kaleidoscope kick so started another .  This design/pattern is so easy - no pins, I can make about 12-15 at one sitting.  I did ALL finger pressing except for the final press, which saves enormous time, and is perfectly effective.  All seams go clockwise, and the center is "spun" nicely.  I need about 220, 6 inch blocks  for queen size.  No color chosen for the corners of the blocks yet, and for now, I am just laying them on the floor - no arrangement of colors yet.  You can clearly see the circles will be more visible.  Fabrics on corners will be lights.   Most of my colors are kinda drab, soft, my plan.   No brights in this one, and no border planned at this point.  All fabrics are from stash.
BTW, if you have never learned the lesson, be sure to ALWAYS use the same ruler per project.  8-(   I started the project with a well-used, reliable 45 degree Marilyn Doheney ruler, then changed to a ruler meant for another type of 45 degree project - didn't double check, and sadly had to trim down the newly made 15 blocks made on the second ruler.   


Janet O. said...

I have several vintage tops I used to think I would hand quilt one day--not going to happen. I saw a display once at a Home Machine Quilting Show. I think it was by Pam Clarke. She had machine quilted vintage tops and maintained the vintage feel. Now I wish I had taken photos!!
Love your Kaleidoscope quilts. I know it is a favorite of yours, judging by the number you make. I recall years ago that you were showing some and had a link to the ruler. I bought one because I love the design, but I have still yet to use it!!!
Great advice on the ruler, no matter what kind of block you are making. Even square and rectangular rulers can vary from brand to brand.

julieQ said...

Such lovely, lovely projects in the works!! Very pretty vintage quilt tops!!

Lindah said...

Wow! Gorgeous! Especially like the blue kaleido.

Quiltdivajulie said...

GOOD point about the ruler. Love my MD model.

Tanya said...

Though I often comb the recycle stores both in Japan and in California, I've yet to come across a vintage quilt. I guess I have enough of my own stuff to quilt anyway.

Nann said...

Great to read your quilt rescue story! I've only made one kaleidoscope quilt. It was paper-pieced. I'd like to try a version with a kaleido-ruler.