Thursday, May 10, 2018

"Whirlpool", and Nebraska Breeze - both D O N E

"Whirlpool" - This is a large quilt, MQ'ed on my DSM.  86" x 106".  Due to the difficulties of bulk and a heavy project, I added the last border "QAYG and pre-quilted" with marginal success, due to my own lack of knowledge.  There is no way I could have quilted it while all one piece - waaaay too large.  I will use this technique on my next large quilt now - I think I learned the tricks.  

Kaleidoscopes have always been one of my favorite blocks!

Here is part of a border.  This was all my own design.  Those triangles on the border - another part that was not as difficult as I had guessed, but you need to measure carefully and sew accurately to get them to turn the corner accurately.  

Nebraska Breeze -  I posted this earlier, but now it's ALL DONE.  This is a design by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville - her instructions are excellent.  She calls hers Texas Tumbleweeds. There are 2 sets of blocks and the settings is straight.
I tried quilting serpentines in this border, fairly easy, not yet uniform but pretty good.

I tried wishbones, or figure "8"s on this side of the quilt.  It's easier than it looks.  Once you sew 10 or so, your hands know what to do.  The curl in the green border is another favorite .   


Elsie Montgomery said...

More yummy! Thank you. You inspire me every quilt!

julieQ said...

OH I love both of your finishes, but it is your quilting that just makes them wonderful for me!!

Jocelyn said...


Janet O. said...

Two beautiful finishes!
I do realize you love the kaleidoscope quilts. Because of you posting them years ago, I bought the ruler, but have yet to make a single one!!
Thanks for the close ups of your quilting motifs!

Ruth said...

Both are gorgeous! I love to see the close-ups of how you quilted them - it gives me ideas. When I start quilting, I usually don't have any idea of how I will do it, so I go to the computer and look at blogs that I know people are quilting on their own machines. It's a bit help. I always come up with something!!