Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Trouble corrected. How many triangles can you count?

Yesterday, Blogger was misbehaving and I lost all patience - was ready to throw this computer out the window and give up on Blogging pleasures.  My Kodak camera is also near the end of it's life and I'm afraid to change to another unknown camera device.  The "gallery" where my camera downloads to the computer was unattainable - something about "apps" .  I grumbled, left unkind messages, struggled to find HELP, but gave up, emotionally exhausted and disheartened.  However, this morning, voila --apparently something was getting changed.  Ugh.

Here is my latest quilt.  Most fabric was new although bits and pieces.  Triangles are 6 inch Peaky/Spike.  I only purchased the outer blue denim-looking border, plus 6 yds for a backing.  Binding includes a faux flange. Quilting is allover meandering, with circles here and there to break up the sameness, and some echoing for long unfussy areas.   I did a little ruler work in the borders.  It's in the car,  ready to deliver to an adult g'son.   It's about 78" x 90".  This  project counts against my Guild PhD planned completions.  (Projects Half Done).   This was assembled in rows across, unexpectedly simple.


  1. At the very least, you should be able to open the thingy that plugs into your computer and holds all of your photos. Dang, what is that thing called again?


    1. LOL - the entire contraptions are all "thingys"! It's working now, thankfully.

  2. Try a reboot. If that does not work, call a nerd. Praying the first one works and if you need the nerd, there is a good brain on that head.

  3. Happy Day - someone visited!!!!!!!! I WAS praying but I was also swearing a bit in my irritation. Oh well, all is working now, and I am sure it was NOT my fault or responsibility. I'm stop blaming myself for such occurrances!

  4. Elaine, I gave up on a camera long ago. I use my phone. The photos are automatically saved to Google photos. It's easy to upload them to blog posts, either by opening the photo and clicking "copy" then "paste" or using the photo upload in Blogger.....That said, I like your triangles!

  5. Hi Nann - thanks for tip. Good to hear from you. I am, unfortunately, woefully uneducated in CELL PHONE . Educating myself is on my bucket list but somehow, that cell phone never actually gets used. I use it when traveling though, just in case.

  6. I felt the anguish in your (now deleted) rant yesterday, but had no words of wisdom or comfort! So glad the gods decided to smile upon thee once again.

    Quilts like this give me a warm glow of happiness in my heart, as "1,000 Pyramids" was one of the first real quilts I made https://cbottsprojects.blogspot.com/2018/06/20-years-later.html. It was a gift to my youngest sister and her new husband. Its offspring is hanging in a prominent spot in our living room, overlooking our lives with color and benevolence.



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