Friday, January 16, 2009

More Snail Trail Quilts

Since some of you asked, here are two more little quilts I've made previously.

This scrappy version (above) was made maybe 10 years ago, and the blocks are about 6 inches.

The second (below) one was made for a mini-group about 4 years ago, when we focused on "The Quiltmaker's Gift" which, by the way, is one lovely little book. There is a companion book "Quilts from the Quiltmaker's Journey" which includes many patterns. The story is delightful for 3 year olds up to adults, and the drawings are excellent. One can spend a lot of time just looking at the lovely colored drawings. If you are thinking of a gift for a youngster, take a look at "The Quiltmaker's Gift." One gifted friend took all the quilts we made from the book, and made preentations, reading the story, to schools, libraries, ladies groups, church circles. A third Snails Trail was given away - no photo, but done in 2 colors plus border. In the border I appliqued 3 snails - a big one (the Daddy), a middle one (Mommy) and a little fella (the baby). Of course, you could just add a bunch if there are already a bunch of kids! Those appliques really gave it an added, entertaining punch! I KNOW they were loved, even if they were snails. And you don't have to be much of an artist - do a Google (etc.) search on your subject, and you'll find examples of line drawings, or whatever your ability is, and just draw it. The teacher sites are good because those drawings are usually simple. It doesn't have to be accurate, just representational.

I don't have a pattern, but you start at the center with a light/dark 4-patch. I started the 4-patches with strips of 1 1/2 inches. Then start adding the triangle corners. I always like to start those kinds of triangles oversize, then trim exactly. Watch how your colors are situated. These have 3 rounds of triangles - can more be used? Maybe? They can swirl clockwise or counterclockwise - pay attention! LOL

In the second photo, you can see my DD Mystery Quit from I kinda stalled with other demands, but I can get back to that lovely project. It's turning out wonderfully!


Shari said...

I loved the book The Quiltmaker's Gift. What a great idea to make little quilts to go along and read it to the children.

Snails Trails is a good tesselating pattern. I've made one but it doesn't use square in a square. It involved half square triangles and squares with only the four-patch having a square added. It still looks the same but much easier to piece. Will have to dig it out and do a post on it.


Vicki W said...

The Snails Trail is one of my all time favorite patterns! Yours are lovely.

Julie in the Barn said...

I think I'm having a dejavu moment. Didn't I fall in love with these photos a while back? I'm almost certain I saved pictures of this quilt last year for future inspiration bookmarks. Did you paper piece these? I really want to do a snails trail but if I have to paper piece it I may cross it off my bucket list.

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Both of these little quilts are so cute.

Joyce said...

Snails Trail is one of those easy patterns that look difficult. My favorite kind! Yours are fabulous.

Tanya said...

I love that book and the sequel (or whatever the book about the Quilt Maker's Journey is) and the quilts in the companion book.

Love your Snail's Trail too!

Rhonda said...

Oh, I love your Snails Trail quilts! One of my favorites pattern!