Friday, January 02, 2009

Log Cabin with cornerstones, a Linus, and a Mystery Quilt

First, here are my Log Cabin blocks, all 67 (a few extra). Now, a border decision is needed, to add about 8 inches to each side. The cornerstones add a LOT to this project!
Below is a finished Linus Quilt. It could use additional quilting in the border.
My original quilting gloves (on the right - how dirty/discolored they are!) have been replaced by Machingers, which are lighter in weight, cooler, and the fingertips are coated with lighter-weight material, and most of the time, I don't have to remove them for detail work. The thread was used for this wild little Linus Quilt. Hey, what can you use when the quilt colors are so bright and vivid - you add MORE bright and vivid quilting thread! It's happy and cheerful with all the swirls. Oh dear, my 2009 Stashbusting effort is already in trouble, as I decided to make the Mystery Quilt from Quiltville. Absolutely HAD to purchase more yardage. There are thousands of quilters making her Mystery Quilts! Below is Step 1 for Double Dutch, and she already has Step 5 posted. I'm falling behind, but this is Sunday afternoon -- where did the weekend go???

(Technical/geeky type info - I wrote this post on Friday, but saved it as a DRAFT, until Sunday evening, when it's getting posted. Blogger will post the Friday date, whereas I'm actually posting in Sunday.)


  1. Elaine, I love your log cabin blocks! They are so pretty with the little piece in the middle. I too am making the Mystery, boy, Bonnie is fast! I have almost all of it cut out, I just need a sewing day. I always enjoy peeking into your sewing room!

  2. Don't worry I am behind also on the DD. I like your conerstone blocks, what will they become? Happy New Year.

  3. Love the log cabin blocks!!
    The gloves you show...the ones on the left...I use them all the time!!! It just makes it so much easier to handle the quilt.

  4. File this under coincidence: I'm pretty sure I have that gold fabric and looked at it, but didn't have enough to use in this quilt so I had to go a different route. I also think I have that blue fabric.

    If you want to be surprised by the mystery, don't read my blog! I have been writing about it and posting photos.

  5. i love your log cabin blocks!

    I like machingers because you can pick up loose threads with them on.

    Did you know you can set your blog to post at a specified time by using the Post Options at the bottom just above the publish button? then it will have the correct date and time

  6. When you write an entry and want to post it a different day, go to post options, change the date and hit publish. It will save it until that date and time to post. If you had posted on Saturday the the one you saved as draft and didn't post until Sunday would NOT have shown up at the top of your blog. You can also save as draft and then when you post it, change to the correct date. Clear as mud?

  7. I was going to explain post options, but I see Wanda already has. I know it's there, I just sometimes forget to use it! Have fun with the Mystery Quilt!

  8. The log cabin blocks look so nice, and I really like that Linus quilt. I have the gloves with the dots, and I wondered about the machingers--will have to give them a try.

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