Friday, March 20, 2009

THANK YOU! and I may get fired!

Oh my - I was hoping no one would notice me! Sheila, you red-headed rascal, ( you are a treasure, and despite a few continents and oceans apart, she and I have shored each other up a time or two. While I was busy trying to think of a way to say THANK YOU for this award, Paula (of Paula the Quilter), the next rascal, sneaked in over the weekend and gave me another one! Paula gave me some good travel advice that encouraged DH and I to do some traveling in her neck of the woods, in addition to frequent quilt-y conversations. Ladies, a big THANK YOU ! I especially like the part about "Sisterhood" -- we are all Quilt-y Sisters, enjoying what each of us has to offer the next -- sometimes kindness, or inspiration, or courage, or gentleness. The suggested guidelines attached with this kindness are ??? oh my, never in a million years could I pick out one or two or twenty others who deserve it. OK, OK, Sheila, and Paula, the truth is out ... I have a terrible time asking ANYONE to do this? So, does that mean I cannot post the awards? OK, I'm wierd, but I AM so very grateful for this compliment.

So, am I fired? 8-)))


Julie said...

Oh what a relief! When I saw the title of this post I was afraid you were losing a real job. I received two of these awards too!

Joyce said...

You're not fired. I can't pick out just a few people either.