Sunday, March 01, 2009

9-Patch, nearly done

These blocks were given to me about 5 years ago, with my promise they would be made into something and donated. This quilt is about 72 x 96 inches.

My sewing machine table (Roberts) has a hinge along the entire back, so I can open it up for large projects. I had to move stuff out of the room in order to open the table to accommodate a large quilt. (By the way, I have NEVER regretted the purchase of this wonderful sewing table - it was expensive but my work, and output increased dramatically. Sewing became a pleasant pastime with a decent sewing table.)

Most of the blocks were between 5 1/2 inches and 6 3/4 inches. Some were downright UGLY and (forgive me) I threw them out! (yes, and the world did NOT end!) I trimmed them all to about 5 3/4 inches, without regard to the seam lines of the 9 squares, because the blocks were so imprecise. That's probably why no one has actually USED them. Quarter square (hour glass) blocks between them was my choice. I used this dark floral blue and a light viney green.

You may remember I was a teensy bit embarrassed about being reasonably successful at 'practicing' machine quilting on my DSM, but not actually 'DOING'machine quilting, so I'm DOING on this quilt. Wish I had NOT chosen such a fussy design - maybe a larger loopy loop would have been better but ... as my mother would say, "if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride." I finally know what that means. And, with both light and dark blocks, there is always a question about 'what color thread'?


  1. Ooooooooooh that looks wonderful!!!
    I can't wait to see it when you are all finished. :)

  2. It really looks great! I have a similar sewing table (can't think of the brand name) and I keep it open all the time even though it makes the room more crowded. However, I always have so much stuff on it and I use it to pin smaller quilts and of course do all my cutting on one side. It is great!

  3. The quilt looks great! It's amazing how much more we can accomplished when having the right tools to do it.

  4. I think it looks great too. Good for you for throwing out the ugly blocks! Some things just aren't worth the energy! What you've ended up with looks good. And it's a simple pattern, so a busier quilting pattern should look good with it. Good job!

  5. What a wonderful practice machine quilting another ufo out of the drawer. Wonderful table, I agree that your equipment used in sewing can sure make your efforts more rewarding. Take care sew peacefully DEB};o

  6. Really lovely! Can we see the "whole thing" when you're done?

  7. I love that QST setting - really makes a simple block quilt look more complicated! Can't wait to see the quilting in detail ... can't quite make it out in the picture you show :)


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