Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Friends Visiting, more Quilting

A while ago, "someone" brought a big box of unused threads to our local quilting group.  Some of us grabbed it, wondering what those threads would turn into.  Well, here are my 2 beginnings of "something" ... it looked kinda jewel-like, as some of the threads were glitzy.   We layered a LOT of threads over batting that was laid on a backing, then threads, then tulle and quilted a LOT over it all. The brown/pink one was machine quilted with invisible thread, and turquoise one was quilted with regular thread, straight lines.  I didn't like the obvious lines as much as the one quilted with invisible thread.

Remember my owl?  I always thought he looked kinda jewel-like - so little, perfect, almost impossible to see.  Our local group is meeting soon and we said we each had to make "something" with our thread project.   

Here is my project, not yet finished, needing some dimensional leaves or ??? .  Yes, his head and body and wings were made from my thread project above.  His feet was tiny flowery fabric - perfect!  The pine branches are just for effect.  I plan on hiding little owl behind leaves, but I don't think I am able to replicate pine needles - might have to make regular leaves.  I've never done anything like this before - it was kinda fun - can't say it's very "arty" but it was an interesting start.  

Friends from Illinois visited last week and THEY liked the (real) owl as well.  

I HAD to bring my friends to Carhenge, our only tourist attraction (?).  While the cars appear to have been "arranged" after a family wild party, they actually ARE arranged reminiscent of Stone Henge by a former land owner who is not only highly educated and brilliant, but is a world traveler and was very familiar with the real Stone Henge.  mmmmmmm   It's surprising how many tourists visit this quirky stop.

Don't take my picture!!!!

Back to my quilting - here is the back of Bright Maverick Stars.  Even the back has patchwork on it!

The day was warm, I could hear birds singing -- what a nice project.This time I did not put the extension on the table legs and just sat down and basted.  Worked fine.

 Here are the heavy orange clamps I use to simply weigh down the backing.  They are waaaay too hard for me to use for clamping on the table, but the weight of them holds the backing just taut enough -- best solution so far!

 Happy Quilting!


Janet O. said...

I would not have had a clue as to what to do for a thread project like that. Yours is so clever!! Looks great!
Car-henge is a HOOT!! (pun intended)

marie said...

I love how you use those clamps! It is such a good idea, I always have trouble clamping them on my table. Thank you for sharing that.

Kate said...

Honk if you love Carhenge... HONK HONK..

Lindah said...

Ooooh, I like your owl piece. What a fun thing to do with old threads. And the clever use of your orange clamps --quilters are just so innovative. Necessity is the mother of invention is a true adage.

Lynn said...

Love the tread owl and the quilt - so pretty!

Purple Pam said...

I like your owl thread project. Can you do machine thread work or machine embroider on the pine needles? Great idea for the clamps. Thanks for sharing this idea.