Thursday, May 01, 2014

GFG repairs, and Benefits of Procrastination

Here is my first almost-finished repair.  I had to go all the way out to the creme/white on this one.   I'm hoping the existing cream will brighten up when I wash it.

Below, it's nearly done, except I have some big basting stitches through it holding some batting on the back (yet to be determined how do to THAT part!)

Here is the second rosette - again, I had to include 3 cream pieces.  Also, more big basting stitches to hold it all together until I figure what to do for the back.  Since all the damage is along fold lines, I might just put one wide blue piece across the whole thing.

My issue has solved itself

Sometimes waiting to solve an "issue" is the best choice. Expressing one's opinion when one is upset, or obsessive is not always a bright idea, when one feels wronged.  My "issue" with the Sidewalk Parking Lady has resolved itself without one word - she has moved.  

Previous paragraphs and photo have been removed. What a wimp I am, but glad I stayed silent and tried to think of all reasonable possibilities.  My heart is lightened.  


Mama Joan said...

I love that tedious repair work kind of sewing. I know--I'm nuts!!

As far as the parking thing. So many people (the majority it seems) are thoughtless or self-centered. You might point out your walking difficulties (might help if you hobble a bit when she sees you walking!) and ask if she would...well, whatever. Best of luck to you!

Linda in TX said...

I'm one of those that gets outraged at the outset usually to find myself in an embarrassing situation because I didn't think of any alternative situations. Is it possible that she has a passenger with a walker or someone who needs to exit the car right onto the sidewalk? If that's not so, then she is rude and I would try to address her face to far without losing my cool. My advice is free and worth the price!

Joyce said...

Love your GFG. Great job. We live in AZ where it is miserably hot in the summer. Our neighbor's college age children always used to park right in front or our house. (It is the only shady spot on that side of the street.) It always made DH furious. It forced our guests or our children to park some where else. I was proud of DH, he went next door and explained the situation. The neighbor man had no idea it was upsetting us. He agreed and we've not had a problem since. Hope it will work out the same for you.
Joyce in AZ

Becky said...

Love your repairs. I do some of that myself. Please take time to explain to the person parking. The only thing I hate worse is someone parking right across from a driveway. Sometimes it's the only place, but most people will pull forward a bit if you explain.

Ruth said...

Your fixing job is amazing! As for the parking problem, I think explaining the situation and that you or your guests need to use the sidewalk should do it. It wouldn't hurt to take some flowers or cookies with you. :-)

Cascade Quilts said...

love that you are fixing the hexie quilt! These GFG quilts are my absolute favorite. I have to ask though - since all the other hexies have a solid as the first 'round' around the centers, why did you choose all prints? Either way, it's wonderful and the repairs are looking fabulous!