Sunday, May 11, 2014

Maverick Bright Stars

Here is another Maverick Bright Stars - I had given an earlier one away, and missed it!!  So, here is another.  My friend Jody gave me that border and a lot of bright solids for this project - they just HAD to go together - thanks Jody!!!  The block stars are made with solids, and what appears to be scrappy stars is really the sashing.  

I added the little black flanges to each side of the little patches - it seemed to help define that space.  That border fabric is just plum FULL of fat Ladybugs - perfect for a child.  This quilt might be a donation to the Guild Silent Auction, if I can stand to part with its cuteness.

This was a gorgeous day, (below) so I quick snapped this photo.  Today, Mother's Day, we are kept indoors with snow, wind, rain - awful weather but we are grateful for any moisture.  

 We are having the deck repainted again - here it is primed, but work came to a stop with bad weather.  The quilt looks nice hanging there. 8-))

And here is the backing for Maverick Bright Stars, made with more donated brights.  These squares are cut 8 1/2 inch.  I pieced some, and here are still a few "holes" needing filling in.  

I am waiting for a nice WARM spring day so I can sandwich this cute quilt.  


Kristy said...

Oh are those stars sweet! Love the border too! Is this your own design? If so would you share? I have some cute fabric I could use to make up one for a friend's new baby. Glad you shared your flimsy! K-

Michelle said...

Love the quilt...and your scrappy backs are always an inspiration to me! Great job!

Janet O. said...

Very cute, Elaine! Great quilt for a child--or a grown-up, for that matter!
I admire those who have the patience to piece their backs. When I am that close to a finish I have to just get it done and rarely manage more than sewing a few long strips together. But I think a scrappy back is so fun.

Vic in NH said...

Great quilts, Elaine! And I am very grateful to learn that you have kept out of the path of any tornado damage, too.

Lynn said...

So behind on my blog reading...this is such a springy looking quilt; it's beautiful.

Michele Bilyeu said...

A bright, happy quilt, indeed. I love its scrappy goodness!

Purple Pam said...

This is a bright and cheerful quilt for sure. Absolutely darling.