Friday, May 13, 2016

Pineapple, Photo #3, and Rejected Blocks

 I'm getting close to the end of making blocks.  Oh dear - there is my Mom's afghan  in the photo that she made for me about 50 years ago!!!  I haven't changed colors yet! 

A few of the blocks were getting too dark, due to the dark centers of the "O" block so I started using more tans, mustards and rusts.  Then I had a few pinks that didn't seem to go - I took off the too-pink corners and replaced with darker strips, but left a few in, just for orneriness!  Rows are 7 x 9, so I'm getting there.  DH will be happy when the "design floor" is usable again.  I'm guessing I'll border it in something very light, like the blocks.

(Tip: If a person used a light center in the "x" blocks, this entire quilt would be much lighter. )

Below are 4 traditional blocks I started with, trying to figure what I wanted, but that center beige was not attractive with the clear pinks and blues.  The block scrappiness was OK, not what I was planning, so these didn't make the grade.  Sometimes we quilters have to play a while before we figure out what we want.  ( hmmm - I could applique a different color to cover up the beige and work them into a pillow ... ) 

Note - if you have not made this design, be aware that where the corners meet is where you get a LOT of visual design!  The pineapple quilt above ended up with spool-like motifs, due to the alternate "O" block. 
 DH dared me to take his photo - he smiled but had recently endured a tooth extraction.  That's the first smile I saw all day.  Better than the swollen cheek he had a few days ago.  He's recovering just fine. 


Janet O. said...

I really like this quilt. There are just a few little lighter pops of color I see in the blocks and I like that effect.

Vic in NH said...

It's good to finally "meet the mister" as I don't believe that I've had the pleasure before. He looks pretty wonderful for a guy recovering from a tooth ache.
Any block that has sharp pointy things makes me think of painful things or unpleasant jarring sounds and I think that prejudices me against the pineapple quilts. Yours are beautifully made and I admire your precision of construction in them.

maggie said...

I really love the pastel pineapple quilt Elaine I've wanted to make a pineapple quilt for quite awhile, I am into string quilts presently,(and hexie's), but my scrap bin is overflowing . I haven't had much time to see this past year due to my husband's medical issues. Things are easing up a bit now so I'm looking forward to getting back into my sewing room.

Purple Pam said...

Keep the beige in the rejected blocks and make a pillow. I like the pineapple quilt with the "O" blocks.