Monday, February 19, 2018

"Box Kites", WIP, and Boats on the Other Side of the Studio

I've been sloppering with envy over Bonnie Hunter's "Box Kite" quilt for a while, and finally got mine together!  Colors  are purple, green, turquoise, a few pinks and yellows.   All is stash.   Backgrounds are white, no beige or creams.  The design shows up as light strips diagonally across the quilt.  The diagonal pattern is not very apparent in these 2 photos, but I wanted to get something fresh on my blog - so here's a start!  I'm machine quilting on my DSM, my trusty Janome MC6500.  We are under a storm warning today, Presidents Day, and while bad weather doesn't seem to have actually happened, I planned time to make progress with the MQ'ing. 

Mine is 130 blocks - once again, larger than originally planned - I can't seem to stop at "nap size"!   It is finishing approx. 72" x 92".   Most of the fabrics are kinda sweet, clear, a lot of polka dots, and a few "cutsies".  The little stripe is one border.  This is an easy, 6 in. block.  If I had a design wall, I would have clustered like colors together but ... no design wall.

Other side of the studio:  

While I work on my quilts, DH works on his boats.  While it starts as a kit, he is building an entire boat, only on a smaller scale.  The wood is included, and instructions, but nothing is cut out, the instructions are frequently in several foreign languages with the expected problems of language errors, measurement conversions, pieces get broken under the stress of making straight wood curve, clamps won't stay clamped on curved surfaces.  We both use a small studio - he is in one corner and I am in the other corner.  He gets threads in his boats, I have sawdust in my quilt - we got over it. 

This morning at 3:45am one of those clamps went flying off, noisily clunking to the chair then the floor -- waking us in a panic - we were sure someone had broken into the house!    


julieQ said...

I just love your pretty "Bonnie" quilt...she comes up with the most fun scrappy patterns! That would scare me too...things that go bump in the night!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Very pretty quilt project. Has your husband ever tried a steam box for wood bending?

Elsie Montgomery said...

This is a "togetherness" many people miss out on! Love it!

Janet O. said...

Well, I am glad you don't have to slobber over that design anymore! LOL
I think the blocks are more fun when the colors are mixed up. :)
You can't stop at nap sized quilts, and I can't seem to ever even get that large! :)
I love your hubby's hobby. How long did it take for your heart rate to get back to normal after you were startled awake with the flying clamp incident?

Sally Langston Warren said...

I, too, am enamored with Bonnie’s Box Kite quilt....ever since she was working on it! I recently saw it at one of her trunk shows and , like all her work, it’s even prettier in person. My husband is a finish carpenter and also enjoys building boats. We are not retired yet (we are old enough but have two in College) but hope to one day enjoy studio space together. Maybe! Your Box Kite is very pretty!