Sunday, September 10, 2006

Any Way = 15 Quilt-y Years

I am wondering how/when my month of posts will roll over into archives? I seem to remember an option of ‘monthly.’ I guess I'll find out soon.

This little quilt was a Challenge Quilt for our Quilt Guild’s 15th Birthday. It had to mention “15" in some way, and the size limitations were each side less than 36 inches.

I started out thinking of numbers, computers, math, and had picked out some blue/gray/black fabric for the background. Holy smoke, it was COLD COLD COLD COLD! There was nothing “Happy Birthday” about it at all. I can’t believe I thought it might work , but at least I recognized its unsuitability before going too far.

So I next picked out this gold check to sash the blocks – definitely an improvement. The border is all cowboy related items (hey, we live out West!) So I started thinking about roundups, cattle, yippee, get along little doggie, etc.

I made up a puzzle arrangement of the numbers - no matter what way you add ‘em up, they = 15! The numbers were machine appliqued down, and for happiness and fun, they just HAD to look like they were dancing about! There is a party whistle on one side and a glitzy bow on the upper left. I actually received a Second Place amazingly enough!


Finn said...

Wow, that is very, very clever Elaine...obviously you have a great mind!! I love both the reality and the whimsey of your anniversary quilt. It's such fun! And not at all cold anymore..*VBS*

Hanne said...

What a special quilt ! I like the numbers adding to 15 :-)

Shelina said...

You are so clever. Definitely a prize winning quilt.