Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Simple Lesson

Something I've learned ... among other things.

That 'regular' log cabin I just posted? Even though it was ... OK, I photographed it wrong -- the strips read right to left and no matter how many times I look at that photo, it looks ODD.

That's because MOST of us read left to right. I ran into this problem with a puzzle quilt I put together (currently a UFO) -- you know, one with a lot of odd blocks that don't match anything. I struggled doing the setting, until I realized things look askew and unsettled if it reads right to left. Notice how much more natural the 'Rebuilt Log Cabin' reads.


Bonnie said...

Hi Elaine - You left a comment on my blog so I came to visit your blog and am very impressed with your quilts. You have some great ideas and do a wonderful job of quilting. I'll be watching your blog for updates!


Darlene said...

First visit to your blog and wow talk about visual stimulation. Your quilts are definitely Eye Candy. I'll be back soon!

bettsylyn (Lynda) said...

All you have to do is turn the photo 90 degrees and it reads left to right. Or you could just sit with your head on a 90 degree angle to make it work lol. I guess it is like life - it's just the way you look at things.

Jenni said...

My first visit to your blog - I too like string quilts. I have one on my blog, but it is a larger scale. The telephone book idea is interesting. I didn't use a foundation at all. I like the whacky log cabin too - looks great