Thursday, December 28, 2006

Almost to Arruba!

I wanted to tell you about the Limo/shuttle ride back to the airport while I was in Florida. It was really dark at 4:00 am, when he picked me up at my sister’s, and the driver put all my luggage (black) in the back behind the passengers - dark!. We picked up one couple on the way and I asked them their destination -- they said Arruba! How nice for them! Personally, I wanted to get back home to snowy Nebraska.

That couple unloaded first at their airline and the driver unloaded all the luggage onto the sidewalk that he figured was theirs. I had the good sense to look out the limo/shuttle window and noticed how similar all the black luggage was, but then I saw MY little quilt-y TAG! blowing in the breeze, sitting on the sidewalk, on it's way to Arruba! Whew – that was a close one!

Do you have a few extra small blocks? ( duhhh! ) They make GREAT inexpensive and personal, useful gifts. NO ONE will have one like it, and you can pick your baggage out among all the other similar suitcases on the airport baggage carousel. I haven’t figured out how to combine the conventional ID with my quilt-y tag, so I use both. You might have to make a few extra because I have a feeling they occasionally may develop legs – many people commented on mine. You could put them into a greeting card as an extra gift. Who wouldn't like to see one hanging on a door, or knob, or a purse, or keyring? That little tag saved me ... probably $1000 in lost clothing!

Happy New Year 2007 to all my quilt-y friends.


Silverthimble said...

I loved your story about how the small quilt saved the day! Quilts are not just for sleeping under! *VBS*

May Britt said...

When standing at the airport waiting for my bagage to arrive I always think that every bagage look similar. I will make a lot ot tags now to give to my friends. This is a great idea. How big have you made yours???

Joyce said...

I love the luggage tag idea. We travel a lot and I always buy thrift shop luggage so I don't worry if it gets all scuffed up. The problem is that I often have trouble recognizing it. How big are your tags and are they covered with plastic or backed with fabric. I guess you could do the back on computer paper and include your name and address that way. It might also be a way to meet other travelling quilters!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Oh happy day! Always a bummer to lose your luggage. I now have green, lime green, and maroon luggage - black just seems to blend in with everyone else's. I have bright green and hot pink address tags, and sometimes I will even tie a bandana on the handle - but I love your idea of adding a quilt-y tag too.



Beth said...

Oh this is a GREAT idea! Those little PP tissue blocks I picked up in Houston a couple of yrs ago would be GREAT! How about a small plastic window on the back for a phone # and name? We make those knitted cords (mom calls the makers Knitting Knobbies...spools with nails on the top?) with pompoms on the end to tie on luggage handles. My FAV colors: hot green, hot pink and turquoise. I will post a picture on my blog when I find mine. Happy New Year my
blogger friend!
Beth in AZ

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh now what a GREAT idea! I love your little quilty tag! I love that idea!

Helen in the UK said...

Love your little tag - great idea. Glad it prevented you losing your luggage too :)

Tonya Ricucci said...

Ooh, marvelous idea. You are right - all the black luggage looks alike. We have silver duct tape on ours, but this is a much cuter solution.