Wednesday, June 11, 2008

For a good time,
(Can't get this link to work but you know how to type it in)

Wish I could remember who recently mentioned this site THANK YOU!!! You type in your text, or word, tell it to "Generate" and the result after a moment or two, is the most interesting and "arty" poster! You could spend days playing with this! If your brain is sluggish some days, this will give it a punch!


  1. Wow! That's fun to play with! I put it in my favorites to play with some more later. Thanks for sharing!

  2. naughty naughty Elaine as if I need to waste more time. What its creative oh thats ok then.

  3. Well, you commented on my blog when I posted about the typogenerator, so maybe that's where you saw it. But I learned about it on someone else's blog. That's the way it goes in Blogland! And I'm grateful for the rapid dissemination of good ideas.


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