Monday, April 13, 2009

Danged Malware #2

In response to so many of you offering advice - I think I tried all of them with the exception of System Restore, but with so many impossible-to-delete messages clogging up my screen, and draining down my computer's memory I just could not continue with any instructions. And again, it was getting difficult to discern the real from the 'spoof' messages. Thanks to all of you for trying to help me. 8-)))

I will be without my computer for a few days. Darn it.

My techie said this pesty problem is very difficult for the 'regular' person to remove. He has seen it get 'past' Norton, AVG, and McAfee (lucky me - NOT!) And because it attaches itself to so many files, a person trying to fix it by herself/himself is often confused by the multitude of windows popping up, not knowing which is real and which is the malware -- just like I thought.

Incidentally, from what I have learned, there really is NOT a Trojan, or Threat or ???, just this stupid pop-up window mess.

The removal instructions I read on the Internet were very complex, and again, with messages popping in and out, I couldn't possibly tell which I should follow and which I should ignore.

I had "Security Threat" messages from even Adobe! huh??? It sounds like my Malware could have attached itself to anything!

Happy Spring to all of you. Hope my problem is unique to me only. 8-)


Jocelyn said...

Hope you can get this problem solved. What a headache!

grendelskin said...

I sympathize completely, had a similar issue a few weeks back. CCleaner made the difference for me I think - it's free and very efficient. As for popups - the trick is to assume that EVERY popup is a fake, even if it contains "MS" or "alert" verbiage. Hang in there, Elaine; staying away from this machine will give you more time with your other favorite machine - more stitching!

Nanette Merrill said...

Oh elaine how horrible. I had this too a couple months ago. Luckily my husband was able to get rid of it but it took a whole entire evening. He found a post on some website that said how to get rid of it. What an icky mess.

meggie said...

Reading this my first instinct was to run!!LOL.
So far so good. My friend just installed an extra security programme on here, so hopefully I am safe.

*karendianne. said...

Oh lordy bee... I send you compassion because this sort of thing does me in every single time. I can't stand computer problems!!!

The Calico Quilter said...

Eery time a read about a mess like this it makes me think about buying an Apple computer. No viruses to contend with, but only because there are so few Apple users it's not worth the effort. (Apple operating systems aren't really any more virus proof.) But, then I rethink trying to relearn all that software and realize I don't have the time or attention span for it!

MARCIE said...

Hi Elaine, we all get this at some time or another. I hope you are back up and running soon! Meanwhile, are you still shoveling?

Tanya said...

Ooh. This sounds so scary! I wonder what I'd do if I had this problem.. Sit down and cry for one thing... I don't know if Japanese computer stores help out in these cases. I'm keeping my virus ware up to date too!