Sunday, April 12, 2009

Danged Malware!

Yesterday I received multiple notices from MS something or other, indicating Trojans, Malware, Viruses, security threats were in the process of attacking my computer. The windows look official, but they are not. I keep my Anti-Virus protection up to date, yet all these windows threatening me with viruses keep popping up, eventually making it impossible to even GOOGLE the subject to find out what was happening. In the end, my computer is STOPPED and overloaded with offers, warnings, threats! DH and I spent another hour today trying to download one free something or other (Doctor something or other) to scan it, but in the end, I had to purchase it to eliminate the threats. Yes, the SCAN was free, the ability to eliminate it was NOT FREE. The free scan did show various problems, trojans, threats, etc. (if THAT was real, who knows?) I chose NOT to purchase anything.

Caution: It is difficult to interpret if the warnings are your 'real' warnings or the 'fake' warnings.

THE NAME OF THIS PROBLEM IS "MS Spyware Protect 2009". Even the name is a joke. grrrr. From what I could learn, the only thing it's trying to do is get you to buy their product. I don't think there is a real trojan or whatever those programs are, but the irritation, and inability to navigate leaves you furious.

So, even now, I see pop-up windows, showing up that I cannot eliminate, slowing everything down. I downloaded the latest windows and antivirus updates, but there was no improvement. Therefore, if this happens to you, at least you have a bit of forewarning. I'm sorry I have no solution at this time.

I am receiving mail OK, but those danged windows keep blocking the view, and they won't go away!

Monday, I am calling my server for suggestions.


Teri said...

This exact thing happened to me yesterday! Luckily my son was here and he knows about this stuff. He said it was just an ad.
You're right, it did look real. But my Norton is all up to date and I scan every few days, so I didn't click on any links. But every time I clicked the x to get out, another thing would come up. I am going to re check my pop up blockers on firefox to see what works. Good luck!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

It sounds like you need AD-AWARE from Lavasoft. It is safe, there is a free version and it will clean out all of the ads.

Nancy said...

What a mess. I hope you get it cleared up soon.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Some excellent FREE programs for cleaning up your computer are: AVG anti-virus; Spybot Search and Destroy; Ad-Aware; CCleaner; Power Defragmenter. Registry Rescue is good too for cleaning & defragging the registry but does need to be purchased. Keep them updated & run them regularly. I use them on my own computers, the library's computers and on the computers I work on for other people & they do a good job of keeping them clean & working.

Jen said...

Elaine, did you run a full scan of your computer with your virus software? You're probably alright, I had the same thing on my laptop popup. Try a system restore to a date previous to when you got the pop up and see if that helps, it's what I did.
Best of luck,

The Calico Quilter said...

I run both Ad-aware and Spybot, and have very little problems with malware. That, in addition to Avast for viruses, setting Windows Defender at a pretty high level, and faithful registry cleaning has kept both my laptops running smoothly. Computers are sometimes a pain. To my great relief, my husband knows all about all of this and tells me what to do. I used to keep up with this stuff but about 10 years ago just threw in the towel and started to rely on his knowledge. it got waaaay more complicated than I was willing to devote time to learn.

Rhonda said...

It's frustrating with all these computer problemms! I've been having problems with my laptop too. :(

SubeeSews said...

I run both Ad-aware and Spybot and have not had those pesky pop-ups. That would totally drive me crazy too!!!!

I have only one computer I use. But hubby has 4 in the family room now. He spends a lot of time when they need updates if he has not had them on-line for a spell. I don't know how he keeps it all straight. I have trouble keeping one computer happy!

It is a rainy day here in Northern Indiana. I grocery shopped and had my nails done. It is so much easier to type without the long nails. They grow so very fast and stay long now that I am not factory working anymore.

I am ready to fire up the sewing machine to make some pink/brown 9-patches for an exchange. Then my obligations are met for a few days and I can work on my own stuff.
Hang in there....

Dawn's Daily Journal said...

Don't you just hate that!! There you are....sitting at your own computer...when out of the blue some random virus...which someone with to much time on their hands made...attacks you. sigh. Glad it didn't wipe out your hard drive!!

Marla said...

I too received some type of "official warning" this weekend. After many attempts to close it, it finally did! I'm with you, too, too aggrivating.

Ozjane said...

Sounds like what happened to me last year....I did buy their products then demanded and actually got my money back.
I was so so angry.
I still have a few dregs of it
But am getting a new machine and having this one virus checked to get rid of the two in quarrantine before I load things onto the new one and before I hand mine one.
It is so hard to find someone poor enough to have an excellent machine for a normal user. I tend to push it and want it fast and it is out of date for me but brilliant for a youngster starting homework. Have finally found a single Mum who will have it. Even then it is hard because of the sofware prices.
Hope all continutes to be well.
Am glad our pieces do not cause us this much drama.