Sunday, July 05, 2009


If you comment under "Anonymous" but ask a question, a blog owner is unable to answer your question.

If you look under the owner's profile, there is usually an e-mail address and you can send a message there. I am happy to answer your questions, but need your e-mail address.

Regarding marking the quilt top? I don't do much marking on my quilts - mostly, it's free-form, no stitch regulator. The pattern is embedded in my brain, after having practiced on paper or on a kids Magna-Doodle, a drawing toy. I might mark an implied spine on a large feather structure, or some kind of guide line, and sew leaves and 'things' off that guideline, but there is little marking on my quilts. My thinking is that a 'mark' causes one to stiffen up, and loose the fluidity - kinda like dancing. You can't dance by stepping on given marks on the floor - ya gotta loosen up and flooooowwwww.


June Ingram said...

Wise words for free motion, hence the word FREE Motion, it has be flow freely.. thanks

Lindah said...

Yes, yes --this is one time when it is good to go with the flooooowww! :-)

meggie said...

SO true!!

FLO_rancher said...

I can draw a horse but can't FLOWWW with the machine quilting yet..soon. I think a better sewing table is necessary..a Flat bed also. It only takes a little edge to cause the fabric not to move easily. On the email problem...I have to preview first to see the spot to click to leave a follow-up email address.
Sew Peacefully....DEB}:o..FLO