Sunday, January 03, 2010

"I'm in Control!" -- End of year Stash Report

I've been tracking sewing costs, sewing related expenses, books, notions, and yardage in and yardage out since 2008. Kinda interesting. It's not totally accurate but close. Class and retreat costs are included, not gasoline. I include fabric given to me or won.

For those of you who REALLY buy on impulse, it helps to identify what/where/when you purchase more than you 'should'. I find this has been a good tool to keep me from becoming overwhelmed with "MORE" -- like, "I'm in Control."!

Fabric Diet 2008

2008 Fabric IN 161.12 yards
2008 Fabric USED -172.65 yards
2008 $ spent for sewing supplies $1,878.19

Fabric Diet, 2009

2009 Fabric IN 118.25 yards
2009 Fabric USED -107.70 yards
2009 $ spent for sewing supplies $1,680.63

I am proud of myself for cutting expenses a whole $200.00. Not much, but better than watching that dollar figure increase.

Better sew faster ... that fabric is still piling up.


  1. Impressive!

    I agree that keeping track of stash gives a sense of being in control.

  2. It amazed me when I started paying close attention to what I had and what I purchased I bought less and less.

  3. There are some things I just don't want to know! I'll choose happy ignorance on these topics!

  4. Congrats on your expense reduction. I wish I had kept track last year on what I spent on fabric. This year I want to buy less than I use. I am such an impulse buyer, and I want everything I see. I figure the only way to stop that is not to go to the quilt stores. But if I don't buy fabric, the quilt stores could close due to lack of business. I am caught between a rock and a hard place! I want to support my LQS, but spend less. What a dilemma. I have decided I need to find new quilters who do not have a "stash" and educate them in how to achieve a "stash". Then I feel I would be supporting my LQS without spending money myself. What do you think?

  5. I did that one year with books. This was before I started quilting. I was appalled when I learned how much I spent on books. Now I go to the library. I'm afraid to learn how much my quilting hobby is costing me. I agree with grammilu, there are some things it's best not to know. LOL

  6. Quilting is not a cheap hobby, that's for sure but I think it is well worth the money spent. If we would be snowed in all winter as we were at Christmas, my expenses would go way down!

  7. I spent about $1800 on creative pursuits last year, a little less than the year before. I'll be posting my 2009 results later today.

  8. Good job, Elaine!! I have sorted projects, arranged with fabrics for binding and backings, so hopefully I can spend not too much this year, but rather use what I have. Happiest New Year, by the way!

  9. fairy wings, what a beautiful job you do!!
    second, how interesting...and possibly confronting to add up the costs and yardage for the year, I'm not sure I am so brave! Thanks for visiting, Tracey

  10. Good job! Don't you think though that some notions are 1X purchases - like a special ruler? You can use it again and again so it is a good investment (if you use it!). I would rather spend money on quilting than cable tv - it is a great form of entertainment! Cheers! Evelyn

  11. Congratulations on cutting back expenses. I haven't kept track, but you have inspired me to start. A bit here and there adds up. I love your Fairy Rings quilt. Very beautiful in a quiet way.

  12. Elaine! Definitely something to be proud of. I'm totally impressed. Gosh, I really should consider this. You've given me something to think about. Gotta like that. Thank you! Have a great day and I hope someone comes along and gives you a goodie like you've given me. A little trinket of good thought or life 'best practice'.

  13. Because I am curious about my habits, I'm doing Judy L's stash report this year only to track myself--money, fabric used and bought, projects started and complteted or not. I usually don't impulse buy but you know there are those occasions that I just have to. LOL

    I didn't think to include retreat costs but it is all part of the hobby so it makes sense. Thanks for the tips.

  14. Wow, i admire your bravery. I rationalize purchases with the fact that fabric in Germany is so expensive, so that i really do have to shop my stash all year between trips to the States--sort of like my own personal fabric store in my bedroom. I still wind up needing to buy backings and bindings, but otherwise, rely pretty heavily on what i happen to have on hand. Sooo, that's my rationalization :-)

  15. Well you helped the economy, so that's a good thing.

  16. You and The Scot would make a grande pair.
    Figures, Maths, Calculations, Percentages
    omg. just not me. lol
    just catching up with you sorry about your crook neck. hugs s


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