Saturday, August 14, 2010

P-51 Mustang, and another quilt

My post today has two totally different subjects - above is an alphabet quilt for Linus Quilts. This was made several years ago. If I make it again, I'll use softer, more gentler colors but it's still cute and some little person will love it! It's quilted sparsley -- echoed around the letters and block in white, and ditch stitched between borders, with large loopy loops in the wide borders. The motifs are fused and blanket stitched in dark blue.

Below is a P-51 Mustang brought to our town (Alliance) for the dedication of Nebraska's First official Veteran Cemetery. We bought raffle tickets to try and win a ride but weren't chosen. Several locals actually paid the price ($1200.00) for a ride and could choose sensible flight or loopy loos, unside down, diving, climbing, etc. OMG, at one point, the pilot and passenger did a flyover the airport right over our head - what a thrill, especially for the Vets who still remember the original events. There were tears in the old-timers eyes.

Our town once supported a large Army base in the 40s, and still has an excellent, small airport with a generous long runway of 9000 ft. Most of the Army base is gone now, but not forgotten among the old folks. There were many other events and activities but we wanted to spend time watching the P-51. It was all very moving, and a good day.


  1. OOO, nice ABC's! Some child will love it!

    What a great history your town has! Thanks for sharing the story!

  2. Love your quilt! And that is a great story of the old planes and the people who support them...we used to love to go the the military base for airshows. Thank you for helping me remember that!

  3. I like these small donation quilts best when they're sparsely quilted....makes them much more cuddly.

  4. Love your alphabet quilt. Nice butch color scheme which a little boy can love into later years, altho i can totally picture softer colors looking great too. Thanks for mentioning that you fused those letters on. It must be so pretty up close with the blanket stitching.

  5. p.s. really love the grey / black sashing. so elegant.


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