Monday, August 02, 2010

SEARCH feature in Blogger

Sometimes you remember a fantastic post on a particular blog and want to find it again, but cannot remember when you saw it. If you use the Blog SEARCH feature on that blog page, (upper left hand of the Blogger's page) and type in the tag or "label" as Blogger calls it, hit SEARCH and voila! You get an entire page where that word may be featured. Keep scrolling down. Of course, the writer of the blog needs to use that term as a "Label."

Someone, who wrote me with a "No Reply," asked for diretions to make the Rebuilt Log Cabin. Go to my blog page, do a search for Log Cabin and like magic, it should show up along with pretty decent directions. There are a few pages that refuse to cooperate with another subject, but all-in-all, it's a handy feature.

I call it a Rebuilt LC, because you make the blocks, then chop them apart, and rebuild them. 8-))) I will be teaching this technique in the spring, and am making another one, new and improved, but must get some other have-to's out of the way, like this stupid VIRUS thing!

Thanks for all the tips or my computer recovery - I will try and fix it myself, if ...


  1. Thank you so much! Not sure why the "no reply" thing came up ... but computers still baffle me at times. :)

  2. I'm puzzled by "go to my blog page." Aren't we on your blog page?

  3. OK, obviously when I searched for it I didn't go far enough down to see you had instructions! I just saw the finished thing. Geez - I"m a dunce!


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