Friday, September 24, 2010

Books, DVD, Double Dutch, Quilt Show

I'm including a photo of 2 books by Pat Speth, using Charm Packs (5 inch squares) but the patterns can also be made traditionally with yardage. The books caught my eye, when I was feeling particularly weak, but I DO enjoy fondling my quilt books. But, what really caught my eye on the cover was "260 border blocks" and WOW (below) does she go all out with simple yet do-able units!!!
Next, I investigated a site called, to check out a quilting DVD. There are several new DVDs from well-known quilters and some included a 6 minute YouTube that might entice you. Even if you only look, it's entertaining.

I pushed my mouse button for Jackie Robinson's Slash and Stash -- I also looked at another DVD, but it was coupled with a lot of EQ, which I seldom use.

This Quiltville Mystery quilt top (Double Dutch) was made over a year ago,and I decided it's TIME to get finished! I have the backing, cotton batting and tomorrow is the sandwiching day! While scribbling today, I accidentally learned how to fake a Baptist Fan kind of quilting design. For the longest time, the pattern eluded my brain.

I made a hurried trip to my LQS waaaay out in the country, taking my camera in case I saw wildlife and this is what I saw at her shop! They were having their own Quilt Show to Celebrate 35 years of business.


Paula, the quilter said...

How fun! I went to a quilt show today too. Your Double Delight is beautiful.

Lynn said...

What a delightful surprise!


Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh baby! I've got to get those books! You have to finish DD - It is wonderful!

Elsie Montgomery said...

Neat books. How about sharing your Baptist fan doodles? I need a variation (I think) to quilt that Japanese cherry tree and any ideas would be so welcome!

Browndirtcottage said...

Well heck....just may need these ones!!! I'm always glad you include links...thanks girlie!!

julieQ said...

I really love quilt books much inspiration! That quilt show is inspiring too. Bonnie's quilt...I am still binding mine. Can't wait to see how you will quilt it!

Anne Ida said...

Oh, that book with 260 border blocks is now firmly placed on my b-day wishlist ;o) Thanks for the tip!

Love your version of the DD quilt!