Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I bought Printed Treasures Inkjet Printable Fabric Sew-On to copy photos onto fabric. My first effort was a test was with a few labels only and while the print quality was OK, removing the paper was a nightmare. It's supposed to peel off, I'm presuming something like Contact Paper. NOT!

Just like directions say, I printed it, then after one minute (per instructions) I scored the corner and started peeling the paper off, only to have it pull away in shreds.

A SEARCH on the Internet indicates that people love it or hate it for the same reason. Uhhh, what makes the difference? My test sheet says to me, "Don't do that again!" but ya know that package costs $19.99 with 5 sheets, and could I have done something wrong?

I tried steaming it over the teapot (iron is well past it's steaming years) with nary a difference, except burned fingers.

Yes, I live in a dry climate -- can that be the difference?

I tried it again, thinking I'd score it numerous times, seemingly to make the removal easier. No luck. I'm really frustrated and angry. What a mess!

The instructions give no indication of possible problems My Quilt Shop did not have an answer.

I've spent almost $100.00 on this Challenge project, and it looks like it's getting the best of me!

Solutions??? HELP!!!


LesQuilts said...

I have tried a few brands, but the ones I liked the best were from Walmart, in their crafting section!
I think 10 sheets to a pack, and cheaper than at the quilting store!
A good name brand too, I just can't rememer.
When I ironed the fabric after printing, it was a soft fabric. I had to use some from the quilting store, fabric was shiny, almost rubbery. I liked the Walmart brand much better! Yes, it came off all in one piece too.
Good luck, take care, Leslie

Paula, the quilter said...

I'm not quite sure how to help on this one, but the EQ Printables from are really good.

Lynn said...

I have never tried the treated sheets on paper...sorry you are having trouble. I use Bubble Jet Set and iron the fabric onto freezer paper and have pretty good results. What brand are you using? Those of use that might want to purchase some might want to avoid that brand.

SandyQuilts said...

I've seen photos done by

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I have used the same brand with the same results. Now I peel it immediately after it comes out of the printer and have better luck. A lady at our QOV group said to just press it with a hot iron and it would then peel off easily right after pressing.

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem with the same brand. Very disappointed and I have avoided using it since. I will try peeling it off immediately and see if that helps.

Sorry I couldn't help!


Becky said...

Next time try these
They developed the Bubble Jet stuff, and have loads of information on their website about doing transfers. You might try there for more information. They almost always have a 20-30% sale going on with a coupon code. You might want to sign up on their email list. I've never used anything else since I found these.

Did you try ironing it (without steam), then quickly trying to pull it off? I would certainly try to get a refund from the company or where you bought them.

Carol said...

I just went to look at the brand I have used and it is Printed Treasures as well. I have had no problems, and frankly had not noticed the instruction to dry for 60 seconds before pulling the paper off. Probably sometimes I have pulled it off immediately and sometimes it has sat for days until I used it.....(I have filled a whole page with labels and used them as I sewed on quilt backs so maybe weeks/months in between.) It has always come off in one piece, I get the edge started with a pin and pull slowly from a corner, always in one piece. This is the only brand I have ever used. Live in Texas where it is mostly HOT!
(And I don't think I have ever ironed it after printing.) I'm wondering if you just have a defective package if your problems have all come from that one package. Might try sending it back to manufacturer and see what they say.

Lynn said...

Just re-read your post...boy I sure was not paying attention as you did say which brand. Read the post after this one and sounds like you found a partial solution but not completely though. Sorry you can't get it to work and it is not a cheap product either.