Saturday, April 09, 2011

Twisted Sister, Practice Block

Next week I'm taking a class with Ami Simms, Twisted Sisters, so this morning I made a practice block. Works for me! I especially liked that dimensional center! Yeahhhhh. All my colored fabric has bits of light or white, so this looks good to me! But I only have 1 yard of this white/cream background. I'm going to town today, so I can get several yards of another creamy white.

The purpose of my trip today is for yet another quilty event -- Jody Barrows (Square in a Square) is demonstrating her rulers, also in town. ("In Town" is 120 miles round trip!)


Browndirtcottage said...

Oh yes...I luv me some Twisted
Sister....hey...isn't that a rock group

I hear ya on the 120 mile round trip...exactly the same for me!!!

Lynn said...

Have fun!

gardenpat said...

So that's the name of the quilt block!! I'm currently quilting a top from my daughter from this block! Thanks for the info!