Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lady of the Lake, More Blocks for Raffle/Serendipity Quilt

Six more blocks completed, Lady of the Lake. However, we live out here in Sandhills Country - no good lakes in this vicinity, so we'll have to come up with a better name for this quilt. I aimed for less fussy fabrics, dusty blues, no florals, so maybe even guys will like it and purchase tickets. "Dry Lakes", "Sandhill Lakes" "Blue Sky Lakes" how about "Sandhill Blues", "Dusty Blues" ? -- I'd better lose the word "Lakes".

I'm posting these blocks mostly for my mini-group in case they want to see what mine turned out like. I purchased 7-8 lights and 7-8 darks, so we planned to mix them up a bit.

Inspiration came from Bonnie Hunter's quilt ( in Quiltmaker magazine, the latest issue.

Because of the heat I moved my sewing equipment that is altogether for quilt classes, to the basement where it's not so hot. Then between sewing blocks, I did laundry, played on computer, took a nap, cleaned bathroom, etc. Frankly, I kinda like it down here - DH??? not so much. I tried to stay upstairs this morning, but was "hit" by some kind of bug - probably related to heat - I don't do well in heat, and forget to drink, resulting in being unpleasantly ill for a while, but when I went back downstairs, recovered quickly.


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

If going upstairs to the heat makes you sick, guess you had better stay in the cooler basement, whether DH likes it down there or not. Or crank up the AC so it's cooler upstairs. I'm like you, the heat/humidity just makes me feel totally crappy. My DH doesn't like the AC, he's always too cold though it never gets under 75*, so he gets to go outside where it's hot and humid enough to suit him.

Nancy said...

Keeping with the water theme but adding a twist, what about "Prairie Schooner"?

Lynn said...

The blocks look nice and will be a beautiful quilt. Am drawing a blank on name suggestions but if I get an idea I will let you know.

Purple Pam said...

Your "no lakes" blocks are coming along very nicely. Sorry you were not feeling well due to the heat.

Vic in NH said...

Quick, to the "Quilt-Cave!" LOL! I have the same heat-sickness and often recover in my cave.
As for the name, I just love Sandhills Blues! It is coming out very handsomely.