Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On the Other Side of the Studio

DH and I share a small "Studio." If we both pull our chairs back at the same time, we bump. He gets threads in his boats, I get wood shavings in my quilts. We get over it.

This is one of the latest boats my DH builds. This style of boat is called a "Pink" -- don't remember why, but one unusual characteristic is that the bow looks a lot like the stern. (The stern is on the left in the photo.) We didn't include sails on this one - kinda glad as that ends up my job. He puts several hundred hours building each boat. They are as close to accurate as he can fathom, and I know he's IN that boat, running around, checking to see that all is shipshape. Many of the decking parts are removable so one can see down inside the hull, which he's also designed as accurately  as he knows.
This is my favorite detail on the boat, below. See that round hole on the stern, over the rudder? Just guess what that is for! Whew - what a ride that could be!!! So much for privacy!


Lurline said...

That's a nice little hobby to keep your man busy!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Pokey said...

I think it's nice that you share space and get over it, too. That's what Larry and I do, so, as much as I'm enjoying getting my sewing space in order to have my own room, I know I'll still be sewing where he is.

Love, companionship, friendship...
that's what it's all about, huh?!?

Nancy said...

Amazing detail.

Where does he display his ships?

paulette said...

Wow! Shared space and still married and talking to each other..amazing!! Loved seeing the hole in the stern...I have often wondered what sailors did...? Now I know!! Thanks for sharing!! haha

Elsie Montgomery said...

My DH is making a boat too... but he is in the walkout so no lint in his glue... we need an intercom though!

Vivian said...

What an interesting hobby, Elaine. Does your husband participate in blogs and conventions for model boat building like we do for the quilting?

Now, the last boat he made, you had just coincidentally finished a quilt that matched it in color. Does this mean there is a red and white quilt in your future? Maybe an "Ocean Waves"?

julieQ said...

That is just so cool that you can pursue your hobbies together...what wonderful workmanship!

The Calico Quilter said...

I am in awe of his talent!

Hubby and I tried briefly to do his computer work and my sewing in the same room. The fault wasn't with us, but the house wiring. All his computer equipment and my steam iron weren't coexisting well on the same circuit breaker.