Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another Notebook Folder

Here is yet another notebook folder, oroginal from Fons & Porter DVD -- thanks Pat D. (Chalk markings need to be removed.)   I wanted to try out my big machine stitches and circles.  I made the dash to my LQS to purchase the Circle Maker, or whatever it's called, only to find the shop in major disarray, due to preparations for carpeting.  But they gallantly found the gadget, buried in a storage box, and out came my credit card - yikes -- that $$ figure was a surprise.  Jeeesh - they are always helpful and this time I KNOW they climbed boxes, ladders to find what I asked for so I caught my breath, signed the receipt, and headed home, eager to try this new gadget -- and it's Christmas and this is a present for ME! 

Hmmmm, how on earth??? I must be stupid, or ??? does it fit??? kinda got it in the hole where it's supposed to go but it's wobbly ... and halfway through, the gadaget clunked out of where it's supposed to be seated.  Jeeesh - my circle is no longer round -- oh great - it's an incomplete mess -- this gadget will NOT fit.  It goes back to the shop and after all their kindness to find the dang thing.  Darn, another trip.  8-))

I took out all the stitches  -- gurgibratzofratzzz!   and then started over, this time simply following a chalk line.  Uhhhh, lets' see, mark around a coffee cup with chalk and it works just fine!  I've also seen the "tack" method which works well, and free. 

Fabrics are what was on hand, button was the "lost" button that had rolled under some "stuff" a while ago, wish I had some nice embroidery floss but found this string for the button, and I still have a number of Dollar Store notebooks.  The closure is Hook and Loop.  There is one FQ for front, and one for back. 
 The idea of "using all your threads with gay abandon" does not work.  You MUST practice on a separate piece each time you change threads.  Take my word for it!!!


Cyn said...

Sorry you've had a fiasco with the circle gadget, but looks like you found a work-a-round to do what you wanted.
Looks great! I have a couple of these notebooks from the $$ Store. Hmmm, maybe i'll give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration!
Cyn; -)

Angie said...

I love this post, Elaine! :D I am truly sorry you had such troubles but this is a really cute post...and I LOVE these notebook covers!! I want one too, please. ;D (oh okay, maybe I could figure the pattern out but I AM PATTERN CHALLENGED, you know *sigh*) LOL

Janet O. said...

I really like the muted batik fabric you used. I don't think I could sew a circle no matter how much practice I had. Looks good to me.

julieQ said...

Love your notebook cover! I too bought a circle cutter...that clunked out. That is a great description of what happened to mine too!

Tina G. said...

Yeah!! I finally got around to finding your blog.

I have made two of these notebook covers. LOVE THEM! I changed the second one. Instead of quilting the small band that covers the back cover of the notebook (I found it too bulky to write on) I took a plain piece of fabric and wrapped it around a piece of wonder under, ironed it down and sewed it in place. I stitched a decorative line of stitching down the middle through the edges on the backside, to prevent any future unravelling. Personal preference, but I liked less bulk.

Vic in NH said...

I especially love this notebook organizer!!!! Tee hee.

Rory Fugerson said...

Office supply stores should also have a version of that notebook folder. If rexel or other office supply brands could do notebook folders, it would be great.