Saturday, December 24, 2011

Reconsidering my Previous Pressing Suggestion...

My post yesterday suggested pressing tips for the Ohio Stars, for Orca Bay Step 6 of the Mystery Quilt from Bonnie Hunter.

I have reconsidered -- the blocks don't WANT to have 2 seams pressed out and 2 center seams pressed in.  It's much easier to press them both OUT.  I may regret my decision, but they can be re-pressed if that becomes necessary.  Also, it might be different depending on what fabrics you use.

Just a suggestion.  8-))


Pam in KC said...

I started to press two seams out and two seams in and realized the same thing. But one thing I seem to remember about Bonnie's patterns -- she only says to press one way or the other if it means the seams will nest.

Of course, the other thing to consider is those last two seams can be 'forced' the other way if needed since they haven't been crossed yet.

Julie in the Barn said...

I haven't cut a thing yet for Orca Bay although I have printed all the directions. I have practically no black fabrics and was afraid to substitute another choice. The last time I tried that with a Bonnie mystery, it was a total failure. Just wanted to stop by to wish you Happy Holidays.

Cyn said...

Merry Christmas from my home to yours.
Thanks for the heads-up about pressing Clue6 - I will pay close attention when I get that far.