Thursday, November 29, 2012

Projects, Holiday Banner/Table Runner

 I recently visited my sister - she is NOT a sewist.  I don't see her often as she lives in Florida and Canada.  She started pulling out some Christmas decorations and my first impression was "those are stunning - they look hand made!" and then I realized it was ME who made them over the years!  I'm sure when I sent them, I was cringing, feeling apologetic, knowing each miss-stitch, etc., but now, looking at them, I am amazed at how lovely they are.  This was a good lesson - I never considered myself skilled or talented, yet when I saw these items, I WAS impressed -- I'll bet each of you would feel the same when you see those gifts made long ago for loved ones.

The first banner of "trees" was just as she asked, black and white, with bits of that blue.  I had forgotten how cheerful it is and how it fits with her decor.

Below was a tasselated holiday banner/runner originally made for my Mother. 

And this was another Holiday banner, in different colors, made for my sister..

Soooo, being near the amazing Rainbow Quilt Shop, near New Port Richey, Florida, I got all enthused, bought a bunch of Christmas FQs,  and decided to make a few banners for gifts. Here is the pattern, and below is the banner I made for me years ago.  I especially like how some of the pinwheels blend into the background.

Now, don't go bonkers with this example, but while this pattern is easy sewing, a person MUST be organized.  I have notes in the pattern written in different colored pens, a different color for each time I made the item, and the steps that are checked off each time I've used the pattern.  I do NOT suggest making it without the pattern.  One must stay disciplined and focused.  Surprisingly, I managed!   
I don't have a design wall and learned to lay it out on the batting.  Brilliant idea! 

Below is the top, about half-way sewn.  Only one seam  needed redoing.  8-))  I have enough fabric for several more of the same project.  And there is my backing - is that not cute???  And it was $3.00/yd!   The binding is green. This is a 2-3 day project, with a lot of getting up and down.  The size is about 18 x 44. 



Lynette said...

$3/yd for that awesome fabric! What a find. :D You have some great runners there.

Janet O. said...

Beautiful runners, Elaine. And I love the fabric with the vintage Santas!

Ruth said...

Lovely! I can see how it could be confusing and you could get the blocks mixed up.

cityquilter grace said...

i love that pattern and i've made several myself; it's addicting i think but a really nice pattern.

Lynn said...

Beautiful table runners. Sometimes it is hard to remember all those quilts you have made so it was nice for you to re-visit them. You do such nice work now I know they were really nice too.