Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanks, New Fence, 1448

Thank you all for your kind messages, note, and conversations following my Mother's death.  She had a good life, almost 97, which was full of adventures, travels, and experiences, and each of us 4 kids all turned out OK  8-)) .

You may remember that a wind storm a while ago, blew down our fence that shielded us from the alley and the handy, but ugly dumpster.  Well, we are back to enjoying the view out our back door.  DH and I had some  heated discussions conversations about wood or vinyl, and he won the argument differences of opinion -- it turned out OK.  If there wasn't a tree overhead with many birds roosting overhead, this might make a good sitting area.  We are lucky cold weather did not occur to delay the process.  It looks like a small job but involved hoists, chains, a jackhammer to remove old posts and concrete.  Thanks Mike!

However, there is an unexpected benefit to that fence.  I am happy!!! Ta tahhhhhh!

This is a small piece I've been working on, Jackie Robinson, Strip and Slash technique.  The finished size is about 50 x 57, and there are 120 blocks, so you see, the blocks are small.  It's basicly a Split 9-Patch.  It's only pin basted in this photo. 

I didn't know how to fasten it to the fence for photos.  These heavy, humongous clamps on the end of the quilt and thrown over the top of the fence, did the trick simply by their weightiness.

I will give myself a "C" for Accuracy in completion, but an "A+" for Perseverance.  Yes, there are 1448 pieces, including the border, and all fabrics were from my stash, although many were gifted. 


Lurline said...

Nice fence to hang quilts, nice quilt,too!
Hugs - Lurline.

Lynette said...

That's a lot of pieces! :D Nice backdrop fence.

Cyn said...

Great new fence! Yup... it's also the perfect place to take quilt pictures. Good for you.
Love your quilt... lotsa lotsa bits, but it looks great!

Janet O. said...

I recall the wind damage and this is a great fix. If this is not the fence you wanted, but you can still find a use for it can we call this a "making lemonade from lemons" situation?
I really like this quilt. I have a picture I tore from a magazine of something very similar to this that I have intended to make for years. : )

Chell said...

If you hang several quilts across the fence, a person would not notice if it would have been "almond"....the fence looks amazing and the quilt is smashing!!!

Purple Pam said...

Nice fence. Great quilt. Wow! So many pieces!