Thursday, July 25, 2013

Quilt Block on the Shed, and a Wall Hanging with MQ

 Carol is a local quilter and friend -- she was so thrilled to paint these Friendship Stars on her garden shed.  I drive by to view it, so does DH, and others do as well - the blocks just make a person happy don't they? She's given me some ideas for my own blocks on our "barn" (which is really a garage).  A fall project, this year for SURE!

And, she is one heck of a gardener!  I drove by her house today for this photo and was the lucky recipient of veggies galore, which I took home.  One new potato, onions, zucchini, all stirred up with a bit of bacon - best lunch I've had for years!  Yummy, thank YOU Carol, for these special moments today.  

Different subject - following the organizing and making a quilt for a quilt raffle, I was left with 4 leftover well-made blocks, and totally forgot about them.  Tidying up recently, they reappeared.  It seemed unkind not to make them into "something" so here is what I made of them.  

(It just looks crooked.)  Below is the scroll design I put in the large HSTs.  I didn't want anything too fussy.  This time, I needed some chalk guidelines to get "the feel".  Look at the perfect points!

Below is a back and forth scroll on the border.  This is free hand, using the HSTs as guidelines.  I've not done this previously and practiced 15 minutes to get it in my brain memory.  I had brain and hand issues quilting from side to side, but up and down, no problem!  I'll give this back to the original block maker of 2 years ago -- I KNOW she will be surprised.  


Vic in NH said...

How great to have a friend that "picks" a luncheon menu, LOL!

The rose table runner is so nicely quilted and oh, la, la, those points ARE perfect! Kudos to you!

Ruth said...

I love the stars on the shed! Yes, they do make you happy just seeing it. And I like the way you quilted the HSTs. Another design to remember. Thanks!

Chell said...

I am thinking of painting my chicken coupe with a quilt desing, but for some reason my crazy chickens peck the paint off their home!!!

Janet O. said...

Cool blocks on the shed.
Love the little runner, and what a fun surprise for the maker of the blocks. Very nice of you to do that. Nice quilting, too.

Carol E. said...

Love barn block! I love that these are growing in popularity. It's so much fun running across one.

Carol E. said...

That was supposed to say "lovely" barn block. Sometimes my fingers are too quick for the keyboard.

MARCIE said...

The shed looks darling with the quilt blocks and the setting. I would want to drive by all the time too! Looks like you are doing nicely with machine quilting. I really need to learn to do that!