Monday, July 15, 2013

Whine, whine, whine (cont'd)

Thank you all for your suggestions for an alternate reader after Google Reader shut us down!!!  I have migrated to, but am hopelessly lost.  I feel stupid, ignorant, perhaps I've had some brain damage???   I can't get anything organized, systemized, understood.  Yes, there are some attractive layouts, I'll admit.  I delete, mark as read, and it seems like it all "comes back" ... I don't know how to add names or ...  Fortunately I managed to import some of your blogs from Blogger, but don't know how I did it. 

Frankly, I'm afraid all my YEARS of making contact with so many of you, is LOST!  I've been taken down that nice Google Road, only to find I've been abandoned. 8-(((  I'll keep trying to "find" you again, --- my own ignorance is exasperating.

On Feedly, I accidentally "found" the list of unread blogposts waaaay over to the right of my screen, normally hidden.  "One small step for progress ... "  But only about 10 blogs are listed at a time.  They are not in alphabetical order, making it hard to find what I'm looking for.  I presume that's another option I still haven't found.

I HATE feeling so inadequate. 


CathyC said...

hang in there! I hate change too, but I have come to like Feedly ;-) It may help if you sort the blogs that are in your list into categories - just a suggestion ;-) On the left of your screen, there should be a list of all your categories, the individual blogs that are in that category are shown on the right - as you scroll down the centre panel, the rest of the unread blogs in that category will be revealed ;-) would be happy to send you a screen print of what I mean if you think that would help ;-)

Kathleen said...

We are not lost... Don't fear, people will find you!

Kate the quilting Professor

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I hated Feedly at first too, though it has gotten better. Over on the left-hand side mouse over the icon of three lines. A window pops open with all kinds of choices, including "organize". Your blogs will appear there in the categories you gave them in Google Reader. Another choice in that left-hand window is "add content." Click on it and you can add the URL of a blog you want to add to your list. I've had that problem too, with marking something as read & it comes back. Annoying, but I imagine something will get changed on the other end sometime and then it will be back to normal. I have to tell you, I looked at other readers and Feedly made the most sense to me.

Janet O. said...

I never used Google reader, so I lost nothing. I just read from my dashboard. I know it doesn't mark things as "read" but I can usually tell where I left off. : )
Hope you can get things figured out. Sounds very frustrating.

~Joan said...

I so feel your pain, because I hate change in anything, but especially computer-related things.

I use Bloglovin, and I do, indeed, love it now. The first few days however, I was growlin' along with you.

Carol said...

I am finding very much like Google Reader. Simple and easily read from iPhone as well as laptop. Heard too many negatives about Feedly so I'm sticking with this unless something better is revealed.

Nola G said...

I tried Bloglovin. Hated it. Tried Feedly and I really like it. I just click on 'all' and set it to show oldest first. Then I just scroll down and read them just like I did with google reader. If there is a post you want to keep and/or read later just click on 'keep unread'. Click on the blog title if you want to go to the persons actual blog. Once you've clicked 'all' and it's set up to read your blogs, drag and drop onto your task bar so in future you just click the link and you're good to go. No problem.